Sunday, September 3, 2017


Must watch! Under 5 minutes. And this is the same rabbi who tells us in another video that jews are from another planet here to take over the Earth.


"[Nazis] believed… that they were fulfilling a great mission. That they save the world from the evil that is in the Jews. And in fact there is evil in the Jews. Only this evil must be corrected and then the world will be corrected. And if you do not correct the Jews, then the world cannot be corrected. This is the problem because the Jews do not correct themselves. Therefore, the Nazi’s believed that if we destroy Jews, then we will improve the world. “This is our mission” – so the Nazis thought. And to this day they think so. They cannot be denied this. Such a conclusion holds. Because if evil is in the Jews, and it is in the jews precisely… So if the Jews do not correct this… the whole will suffer. If this is corrected, the whole will enjoy an eternal perfect life. But if they do not correct the Jew, then what to do? Then, if we (Nazis) destroy them, we will rid the world of all sources of suffering… The only problem is that it will not be possible to destroy the Jews to save the world from suffering…. All the suffering in the world, of course from the Jews, as carriers of uncorrected selfish desire. But we need to help them in this, push them. That is the task of the people of the world – to take the Jew and bring them to work.

Nazism cannot be helped. Nazism will continue to develop, now it will arise in the U.S. and it will appear very, very quickly and strongly...

Because the Jews do not work correctly. That is why problems will arise in the U.S. because of the Jews. Therefore, the next extermination of Jews can begin in the United States. And much, much wider, deeper and more powerful than in Germany."

JEWISH QUESTION | Kabbalist Lightman about the Jews

If youtube video goes missing, you can watch the video here:

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