Friday, August 25, 2017


Dear friends - I wanted to share with you that over the past two days, I have lost two facebook accounts, one of which took me more than 8 years to build. I turned on my computer yesterday to find that my backup account was "disabled" due to "hate speech." This account had about 550 friends. Today, I turned on my computer to learn that my main account, with about 4,000 friends, was also deleted due to "sexual content" (presumably information about circumcision). Through this account, I had created several groups for my radio and television show and for those interested in birth with thousands of followers. All of this is now gone in the blink of an eye.

Interestingly, it was just two days before this that a facebook friend posted my video about the dangers of prenatal ultrasound. It was on this thread that I shared excerpts from my forthcoming book, "The Truth About Prenatal Ultrasound, Volume I" -- all of which were extremely hard hitting and expose the outstanding amount of evil being deliberately perpetrated against developing babies by exposing them repeatedly to so-called "non-ionizing" radiation in the form of ultrasound. Within a few hours of my posting this information on my friend Jason's page, both he and I received emails from a jew threatening us, calling us anti-semites, and expressing his desire to see jews piss on us, etc.

I do believe it was because I exposed some of the information from my ultrasound book that my facebook accounts were deleted - especially because I speak about the jewish connection to the creation of manmade radiation and all forms of nuclear weaponry in the radio show that Jason originally shared which got the conversation going.

Update: And this absolutely confirms who is behind the attack on my facebook account. This showed up in my email inbox the day after my main account was deleted, apparently to let me know (((they))) have my email address too. Naturally, I never signed up to get information from any of these criminal organizations.

This screen shot also confirms (at least in my mind) that Planned Parenthood is an integral part of this satanic cabal and should be viewed by everyone as the world leader in infant torturing, infant murdering, baby body parts selling, and more.

For those who are interested, here's a link to the radio show about prenatal ultrasound:

The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound

And here's a link to a short video I made about this situation...


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