Thursday, August 31, 2017


Dear friends - I am going to be posting much of my material over at from now on. STEEMIT ALLOWS PEOPLE TO GET PAID FOR THEIR POSTS AND ACTIVITY. Each time a post is upvoted, the creator of the post gets paid a small amount of money. This is the future of social media.

Taun Richards has described Steemit with eloquence. Please read his description below and then come on over to Steemit and upvote my first post! Hope to see you over there!

Here's my account id:

And here's my first post:

Via Taun Richards:


If facebook was built on blockchain everyone would be paid to post, comment and like etc. we would all be rich by now. We are all putting a lot of effort in to make sure the truth becomes known but we have little to show for it. There is also the issue of free speech and privacy, Facebook have done everything they can to restrict free speech and invade our privacy, so what is the solution?

Content creators deserve to be financially rewarded, we are providing an important public service and most of us are suffering financially for the privilege of helping others. Blockchain is a technology that will allow content creators to be rewarded for their effort. Blockchain also resolves the issues with free speech and privacy, on Steem you can say whatever you like with no risk of a 30 day ban, there is absolutely no invasion of privacy either.

Steem is the way forward, the interface may not be as refined as Facebook but give it time, as long as there is good content people will support it. There is no need to suffer in this world, most suffering stems from ignorance. If we continue putting all our energy into things that are not effective we lose ground instead of gaining ground.
I am moving all my work over to the Steem blockchain network, I am also investing in their business model as I believe it is the way to gain freedom and independence from the system. Vive la revolution.

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