Sunday, February 19, 2017


To all my friends who insist that Trump was put into office by the Luciferians and that he "works for the Jews," this is what I need to say...

It is absolutely sickening to me how much power you are giving to the forces of evil. Do you really believe evil is so powerful that it controls everything in this dimension? Well then, you must think The Creator is a real incompetent weakling, and so too, are all of us who are His Creations.

"Oh we are so weak and stupid" - you say! "The Creator has made us weak and inferior. We cannot possibly do anything to overcome this evil. Evil is just sooooooo powerful! It controls the whole world. This is Satan's world!" And on and on and on.

Well you sound like a bunch of fools! And worse than that -- YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG. You spit in the face of The Creator every single time you think this way and every single time you say "Trump is one of them" or "Trump works for the Jews," etc. You are supporting the Luciferian agenda when you do this and you might as well become a Luciferian yourself if you think evil is so powerful.

It is time for you to stop giving away your power. The people of this country (and the people of the world!) have clearly indicated a readiness for change and THAT is why Trump has been elected (and also why the UK left the EU with many other countries to follow). Trump has such a huge avalanche of support in America, even the Luciferian attempts to rig the elections did not work. In fact, nothing they do works anymore. It is all falling apart. It is all turning to dust. It is all turning against them now.

Are you people really so far removed from your feeling senses that you cannot even FEEL the energy of what is happening in our world or SENSE the terror that now runs through the demonic forces on our planet? What a pity. This means you have separated yourself from your spiritual core and instead have aligned all of your attention and thoughts in support of the dark side. What a waste of human potential.

Get this straight. The Creator works through US (at least those of us who are willing to step up to the plate and stop fucking whining about how powerful evil is). You are either here to support the Creator's dream or you are here to support the opposite. If you continue to promote the thought that the Luciferians are in control of our planet and our world, and that there is nothing the good people of this world can do about it, then you are a HUGE part of the problem. Your thoughts and beliefs are an insult to The Creator and you are contributing to the death and destruction of America and all of life. Please snap out of it.


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