Sunday, December 11, 2016


The Luciferians are working overtime to try to sway the world toward their debase and disgusting way of life. Drinking blood and urine and eating feces is REQUIRED if one is to participate in these very sick cults. Now, they are trying to mainstream these vile activities and turn the rest of the world into Luciferians. Are you one of the people that will be swayed?

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The Nordic Food Lab wants you to eat blood, insects and brains to save the world

Excerpt: "Insects, blood and faeces may not sound particularly appetitising, but they are among the produce we should consider eating if we want our food to be sustainable and healthy, according to a team of chefs and scientists in Denmark...

“We try to work with every type of produce. Insects, blood, jelly fish, fermented products that sometimes smell and develop mould, and the products look rotten,” explains Roberto Flore, Head of Culinary Research and Development at the lab. “It’s about giving people more confidence with different produce...

Currently, researchers are working on how to make edible insects – from ants to larvae – more appetising to the uninitiated.

Other experiments have explored how animal blood, and its coagulating properties, could be used as an egg substitute as intolerance to the kitchen staple is one of the most common among child in Europe. (The result of that test were not entirely disgusting-looking blood pancakes and meringues...

Its members never shy of controversy, one recently argued in a Munchies article that faeces should be explored as a source of food..."

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And of course it should be noted that, wherever you find this type of evil, there you will also find the Jewish hand. Behold the words of one of the masterminds behind this sick Nordic food lab... René Redzepi.

Source Article:
René Redzepi on Eats, Jews, and Leaving Noma [Don't Panic]

"...Were you raised Muslim?
Well, I read the Koran but I've always been told that since I grew up in Denmark, I can do what came naturally to me. I'm not religious today. I'm nothing. In Denmark we are Protestants which is basically nothing and today I married a Jewish girl even.

Mazel tov.
That's fun. Going to Jewish parties is fucking fun.

Stomping on the glass?
Yeah, when you go to weddings and when they start dancing and they never stop.

And singing Siman Tov U Mazel Tov.
Yeah! One thing I never knew about Jewish people?

They're great in the sack!
Well, another thing other than that of course. Of course you know the Jewish people have been persecuted throughout history but I never knew that the connection was so strong with the Jewish people between each other. Maybe it's not in New York because there are so many of them but in Denmark it's so strong. If you have Jewish people visiting and there's another Danish Jew, they find each other and take care of each other.

Well, I'm taking you to a Jewish deli.

We're not going to Katz's we're going to Russ and Daughters.
Is that better than Katz's?

About the Jewish people. I married a Jewish woman, and my sous chef for the past seven years, he found a Jewish girl as well and guess what? Now they are both best friends. My girl is English-Portuguese and she's from Denmark. I think it is brilliant. OK, what were we talking about? Everything and nothing. Oh, since we were talking about Jewish people, one guy that I had so much fun with was Alan Richman. He spent six or seven days in Copenhagen and he ate at Noma two or three times. I know he is controversial to some but his humor is great, and I loved him. When he found out that Nadine was Jewish of course he had to spend time with her. He's the one that taught me how to say "Oy!"..."

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