Saturday, July 9, 2016


Now this is a video everybody ought to watch. In this video, you can watch and listen as the Jews unemotionally discuss their intention to poison millions of German people. In fact, they are sad when their plot to kill SIX MILLION GERMANS (note the Luciferian reversal here) ultimately fails.

In truth, the Jews have been poisoning people for CENTURIES. As far back as Abraham, they were using poisonous plants to make people (and animals) sick and slowly kill them. In the case of Abraham, who went from town to town with his wife Sarah telling everyone she was his sister instead of his wife, they would finagle their way into the compounds of the richest men (usually by Sarah bedding the rich men), and once Sarah was inside the compound, the poisoning would begin and people and animals would begin to get ill and die. Mandrake is thought to be the plant they used to poison everyone. The rich men would then cry out in distress about what was happening to their loved ones and Abraham would tell them everyone was dying because the rich men had violated "god's law" by sleeping with his wife!!!! Never mind that the rich men were LIED TO by Abraham and had no idea Sarah was his wife. They were told she was his sister!

It didn't matter that they were completely deceived and manipulated. The rich men were forced to give Abraham huge amounts of their wealth so that Sarah would stop poisoning everyone. (In the bible, we are told the rich men gave their wealth to Abraham in order to appease Abraham's god). Once Sarah was gone, everyone began to heal and get well. Then the criminal, murdering couple would move on to the next town and do the exact same thing.

Jews have also poisoned the wells of those who they do not like -- and in fact, they are doing that to this very day to the Palestinian people and they are doing it to us by putting poison chemicals like fluoride in our drinking water. They are also spraying poisonous chemicals into our air (chemtrails) and dumping megatons of poisonous chemicals on the Earth (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.). They also masterminded the Luciferian invention called nuclear radiation.

There is no end to the machinations of this evil cult and Mankind had better wake up to the danger.

The Jewish plan to murder six million Europeans

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