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Eating foreskins & the Israeli government

"I've previously posted here on the little known practice of Jewish women fighting over freshly severed babies' foreskins, which they would eat in the belief it would help them conceive a male child. But I've recently obtained a Jewish book which gives many details on this form of cannibalism.

Rabbi Toledano published a book in Egypt in 1931 entitled Yam ha-Gadol (which is apparently a name for the Mediterranean Sea), he wrote of Jewish cannibalism: "I saw fit to examine whether the law [prohibiting the consumption] of human flesh is from the Torah, whether this falls under the category of [the Noahide prohibition of the consumption of] a limb from a living creature and [the parallel prohibition of consuming] meat from a living creature, and the halakhic distinction regarding the consumption by women of the foreskin of an infant as a charm for pregnancy, and the like."

"A similar belief and practice was recorded among the women of the Salonikan community: Another means that was considered to be extremely effective against infertility was to have a barren women (sic) swallow the foreskin of an infant close to his circumcision"

"The eating of the foreskin for the sake of [entering] pregnancy is common among the Eastern Jewish communities. In Safed and in Jerusalem, barren Sephardic Jewish women ate the foreskin as a charm for pregnancy. In most instances, the circumcisers were ordered, in advance, by husbands of infertile women to save the foreskins for the latter, for which they [the circumcisers] also were paid. Among the simple masses of Egyptian Jewry, the barren woman would swallow the foreskin so that she would be capable of becoming pregnant. This same practice was also prevalent among the Jewish and Muslim women in Tripoli, in Northern Africa. Among Turkish Jewry, if a woman bore a child once and then ceased to give birth, she would eat a foreskin in order to become pregnant once again.

Traces of this popular practice are to be found in several books of charms: "So that a barren woman will become pregnant, she should swallow the foreskin of an infant who was circumcised" ... or "Take the circumcision of a youth, smear it with honey, and swallow it" ... The swallowing of the foreskin is also efficacious for the birth of a son, specifically: "When the foreskin is excised, women swallow [it], as a charm in order to give birth to males""

The Jewish Life Cycle: Custom, Lore and Iconography: Jewish Customs from the Cradle to the Grave (2008)
By Daniel Sperber

For author's sources see scanned pages
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Re: Eating foreskins & the Israeli government
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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Jewish cannibals - They fought over who ate the babies' freshly severed foreskin

Professor Ariel Toaff, the son of Rome's former chief rabbi wrote about cannibalism in Judaism in his 2007 book: Blood Passover:

One form of magical cannibalism related to circumcision, may be found in a custom highly widespread among both the Ashkenazi Jewish communities of the Mediterranean region. The women present at the circumcision ceremony but not yet blessed with progeny of the male sex, anxiously awaited the cutting of the foreskin of the child. At this point, throwing inhibition to the winds, as if at a pre-established signal, the women hurled themselves upon that piece of bloody flesh. The luckiest woman is alleged to have snatched it up and gulped it down immediately, before she could be mobbed by the competing females, who must have been no less hardened and highly motivated. The triumphant winner was in no doubt whatever that the proud tit-bit would be infallibly useful in causing the much-coveted virile member to germinate inside the impregnated abdomen through sympathetic medicine. The struggle for the foreskin among women without male progeny appears in some ways similar to today's competition among spinsters and nubile for the conquest of the bride’s bouquet after the wedding ceremony.

Giulio Morosini, alias Shemuel Nahmias, remembered with much annoyance this repellent custom, which he had seen rather in vogue among the young Jewish women of Venice: "The superstition of the women is remarkable in this regard. If sterile women wishing to become pregnant happened, as they frequently did, to be present [at the circumcision ceremony], not a single one of them would hesitate to fight off the others and steal the foreskin; and the first one to grab it never hesitates to fling it in her mouth and swallow it as a sympathetic remedy of extremely great effectiveness in causing her to be fruitful."

Rabbi Shabbatai Lipsh├╝tz confirmed this extraordinary custom "of the struggle amongst the women to swallow the foreskin after the cutting of the foreskin, as a wonderful secret (segullah) in the production of male children". He added there were rabbis who permitted it, such as the famous North African cabbalist Chaim Yosef David Azulay, known as the Chidah (the Enigma), and the rabbi from Salonica, Chaim Abraham Miranda, while others energetically prohibited it, considering it a scandalous and impermissible practice (24). But the cabbalistic herb alchemist (Rafael Ohana), expert in the secrets of procreation, although he possessed little skill in gynecological sciences, referred with satisfaction to the results obtained from women having swallowed the foreskin of a circumcised boy, even in recent times. In his guide, intended for women wishing to have children and entitled Mar'eh ha-yaladim ("He Who Shows the Children"), the expert North African rabbi advised that, to make it more appetizing, the unusual dish be covered with honey, like a home-made sweet. The magical and empirical tradition linked to the foreskin of circumcision as a fecundating element was not lost over the course of the centuries, but was protected by the secrets of the practical Cabbalah despite the disdainful opposition of rationalistic rabbis."

Other sources

"Among the Jews of Turkey, a woman who had given birth to one child and then could not conceive again would swallow a prepuce. Several Hebrew books of charms refer to this method of obtaining fertility "For a barren woman, so that she conceive, let her swallow the foreskin of a circumcised child.""
On Jewish Folklore, by Raphael Patai (1983)

"In some Jewish North African and Sephardic communities, barren women swallowed foreskins, sometimes dipped in honey, to promote pregnancy and the birth of sons"

From Abraham to America: A History of Jewish Circumcision, by Eric Kline Silverman (2006)

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