Saturday, June 25, 2016


Circumcision is a satanic blood ritual brought to the United States by Luciferian Jews. These evil creatures enjoy torturing infants, and it's all the better to them if the children stop breathing and die because then an attempt can be made to harvest the soul of the child and offer it up to their demonic overlord.

The Jewish people are HEAVILY mind-controlled having been born into a Luciferian cult. So mind-controlled are they that they willingly hand their newborn infants over to these demons, thereby offering up their son's life to the dark side. Of course, members of this cult will lie to themselves and everyone else, claiming this baby did not die from the torture of circumcision, but something else. This is completely false and the longer people remain in denial of the evil that is circumcision, the more children will die and be maimed or suffer their whole life having received the mark of the beast.

At this time, many Christians are also involved in this satanic blood ritual, having been bamboozled by the Luciferian Jews into believing that mutilation of infant penises is "beneficial." It is not. It is the epitome of evil and those who allow this to happen to their babies are aligning with Lucifer and therefore, should not expect to have a happy life.

Let's all send a prayer out for the soul of this innocent baby that the True Creator sweep in and lift him into the arms of love and safety. And let us also send a prayer that the parents of this child awaken from the Luciferian spell that caused them to allow this.

As far as the mohel and all the others circumcises out there -- may they reap what they have sown.

Source Article:
Baby who lost consciousness after circumcision dies

Two-week-old succumbs to medical complications; rabbinate says doctors confirm illness was caused by preexisting condition

A baby boy died in a Holon hospital on Friday morning after slipping into unconsciousness during a circumcision ceremony. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition on Thursday.

The Chief Rabbinate and both chief rabbis sent their condolences to the family and told media they had been in close contact with both the mohel who had performed the circumcision and the hospital doctors who were trying to save the baby’s life.

The rabbinate told Channel 2 that the doctors at Holon’s Wolfson Hospital were able to confirm that the boy’s life-threatening condition had been caused not by the circumcision itself, but by a preexisting medical condition.

Last Thursday, the eight-day-old infant had been undergoing the brit milah ritual at the Pinhas Lavon synagogue in Holon when he stopped breathing.

The family made desperate calls to Magen David Adom for an ambulance and to the Hazalah first response organization.

Medic Yehuda Mizrahi was first to arrive on the scene.

“When I arrived, the baby was completely blue, not breathing and with no pulse,” he told Channel 2, and described how he began resuscitation techniques, including massages to try to restart the boy’s vital systems. Finally an ambulance arrived and the infant was rushed to Wolfson hospital.

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