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Dear friends - Tonight I came across this interesting article stating that 40% of U.S. babies are born to unmarried women. This article is rather shocking in its content and reminds me of how important it is for people to understand the forces that have driven the concept of "family" into the gutter and used us to create a world that is filled with single parents, fatherless children, and endless suffering from the wounds of abandonment and rejection.

In my double DVD set on pornography and the deliberate manipulation of human sexuality, I show how the Luciferian bloodlines have orchestrated the mind control of the American people and totally altered our beliefs and behavior in the realm of sex and relationships. The dark forces did this with the help of Professor Alfred Kinsey (pedophile and sadomasochist) who, through his child raping "research," claimed that children are "sexual from birth," and can benefit from having sex with adults. Kinsey also claimed that women are like cats in heat -- although the difference between human females and felines is that cats "have sex" in order to reproduce, whereas, according to Kinsey, human women just want to get off -- all the time, as much as possible, and without restraint. According to Kinsey, what women really want is unrestrained physical pleasure and to hell with the spiritual and psychic consequences of their carnal activity (which consequences include the murder of infants while they are still in the womb as well as the birth of billions of haphazardly conceived children who are gestated in wombs where they are not wanted and who are imprinted for life with the idea that they are not loved and not lovable and will never be loved or wanted).

Kinsey's "research" was cited by Hugh Hefner in the first publication of Playboy, which was released the very same year Kinsey's book about female sexuality was released (1953). If you enlarge the graph pictured above, you will see that 1953 is the very same year the numbers start rising in terms of babies being born to unmarried women. All of this was orchestrated and paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation (i.e., the Rockenfelders who are Luciferian Jews). This was also the basis of the "sexual revolution" and the "women's liberation" movement, which led to the legalization of abortion and the creation of the highly satanic and evil organization known as Planned Parenthood.

In just 50 years after the publication of Kinsey's research (along with the mainstreaming of pornography into American culture by Luciferian Jews), the number of women giving birth to children who will likely be fatherless jumped from 3.8% to more than 40%. This is because women have bought into the lies about so-called "female sexuality" and "women's lib" and have come to believe their carnal activity is good for them and the way the Creator wanted it. Nothing could be further from the Truth. And American children (as well as children worldwide) are suffering.

To learn more about what I have just shared, I encourage you to check out my double DVD set and share the information widely. People need to understand what is being done to us -- and the fact that these same Luciferian forces have now moved pornography into kindergarten classrooms (with the help of Planned Parenthood's "Comprehensive Sexual Education Program," of course) should concern us greatly. This "curriculum" is preparing children for pedophilia -- which is exactly what Kinsey and the Rockefellers were after all along.

Here is a link to check out my double DVD set. Thank you for taking the time to look at it.

Source Article:
CDC: 40%+ of U.S. Babies Born to Unmarried Women for 8th Straight Year

By Terence P. Jeffrey | June 10, 2016 | 11:45 AM EDT

( -Of the 3,977,745 babies born in the United States of America in 2015, 1,600,208 of them—or 40.2 percent--were born to unmarried mothers, according to data released this month by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

That makes 2015 the eighth straight year that 40 percent or more of the babies born in the United States were born to unmarried mothers, according to CDC data.

In the years since 1940, according historical data published by the CDC, the percentage of babies born to unmarried women never went as high as 40 percent until 2008, when it hit 40.6 percent.

In 1940, 3.8 percent of the babies born in the United States were born to unmarried women. The percentage first went as high as 10 percent in 1969, when it was 10.0 percent. In 1983, it surpassed 20 percent for the first time, hitting 20.3 percent. In 1992, it exceeded 30 percent for the first time, hitting 30.1 percent.

In 2008, 40.6 percent of the babies born in the United States were born to unmarried women. In 2009, it was 41.0 percent. In 2010, it was 40.8 percent. In 2011, it was 40.7 percent. In 2012, it was 40.7 percent. In 2013, it was 40.6 percent. In 2014, it was 40.2 percent. And, in 2015, it was 40.2 percent.

In its report on the preliminary birth data for 2015, which was released on June 2, the CDC noted that the number of births per 1,000 women in the 15 to 44 age range declined last year as did the actual number of babies born to unmarried women.

“The preliminary birth rate for unmarried women in 2015 was 43.5 births per 1,000 unmarried women aged 15-44, down 1 percent from 2014 (43.9) and marking the seventh consecutive year of decline since the all-time peak in 2007 and 2008 (51.8),” said the report.

“In 2015, the number of births to unmarried women was 1,600,208, a less than 1 percent (0.3 percent) decline from 2014 (1,604,870),” said the report. “The 2015 preliminary number of nonmarital births was 7 percent lower than the 2008 peak (1,726,566).”

“The percentage of all births to unmarried women was 40.2 percent in 2015, unchanged from 2014,” said the report.

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