Thursday, October 29, 2015



Posting the above picture of a plastibell circumcision on facebook got me banned from using the site for 10 days. Some despicable sneak on my "friends" list reported the picture for "nudity" and facebook (who many have said is totally run by Jews) agreed that, indeed, the picture is "nudity" and violates their "community standards."

I find it laughable, sickening, and outrageous that these evil hypocrites -- i.e., those who emanate from the same "tribe" that is responsible for bringing this sadistic atrocity against innocents to America (see my book, "Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine" for more on this topic) would have the audacity to ban me for showing what circumcision really is -- i.e., the sexual torture and genital mutilation of infants which has no known medical benefits (despite the lies of the Jewish-run American Medical Association) and only causes harm.

The temporary ban has made me even more determined to speak out about this monstrous betrayal of infant boys -- and the men they will become.

Below is the reality of circumcision. It is not pretty. It is pure evil. It must end.

Please wake up America, before one more innocent child is attacked.

No honey, it's not just a snip.

Really America -- strapping an infant to a board so he cannot move his arms or legs while you genitally torture him and then shoving a pacifier in his mouth so he will choke on his own screams??? SICK BASTARDS!!!

Notice the faces of the psychopaths below, both smiling away as they prepare to torture and genitally mutilate an infant. Notice also the white board sign in back that says "We heart circs." Someone really ought to make sure these creatures are dealt with swiftly and effectively. And yes, circumcision is an assembly line, often with other babies in the room. While one is being tortured, the others are forced to listen to his screams and to know that they are next. This is a satanic ritual folks, and it's happening in American hospitals every day. If you do not believe what I am saying, read my book which includes nurses' testimony of the assembly line features of "medical" circumcision with other babies being in the room awaiting their turn to be tortured.

And let's not forget the torture called "infant swaddling" shown in these two images whereby the baby's upper body is mummified and immobilized through very tight wraps while his genitals are wholly exposed for the sadists to have ease of access. The only thing these children can do is move their heads back and forth while their agonizing ordeal is being "performed" by these psychopaths. When do we say enough??? How stupid are American parents that they have allowed their children to be subjected to this evil -- even posting about it on instagram? WTF people??? Are you insane?

And here we have the filthy and wholly satanic cult known as "Judaism" that is responsible for bringing this evil ritual to America. The Jews took over the medical system (see information about Rockefeller funded medicine), created the American Medical Association, filled their twisted medical journals with bold-faced LIES about the so-called "benefits" of this sadistic torture, and then convinced the American people that this was a good thing. This is all documented with extensive references in my book which I hope many people will read so that The Truth will finally be made known.

And yes folks, the mohel is sucking blood off the baby's mutilated penis, a procedure that happens several thousand times per year in New York City alone, where several infants have gotten herpes from an infected mohel and ended up dead or permanently brain damaged as a result. This is also documented with references in my book.

And here we have the final result -- the glans of a circumcised penis becoming totally calloused and desensitized as a result of removing the protective foreskin.

The way this sadistic attack against innocents negatively affects human bonding and human sexuality is too extensive to talk about in this blog, but suffice to say that no baby who undergoes this "procedure" will ever trust his mother or his parents. He will not take to his mother's breast easily and he will never truly feel safe or protected in this world. He will carry a sickening cellular memory of betrayal and of the evil that lurks in this dimension and masquerades as "health care." He may become addicted to pornography and to various forms of dissociated sex. And he may regularly dissociate (dreaming of other women) while he is having sex with a partner that he supposedly loves. The removal of his foreskin prevents him from experiencing the full breadth of human love as the foreskin is designed so that when it meets with the vaginal wall, it triggers the male brain to release neurochemicals of love and bonding. Therefore, circumcision will stunt his experience of love, and will leave his partner wondering why he cannot seem to fully love her/him.

There is much more that I could say, and much of it has been said in the 80-page chapter on circumcision in my book.

Please help to put an end to this nightmare. Share this post far and wide so others may know what is really happening in America.