Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The term "health care" is actually a Luciferian reversal. There is no health to be found within the confines of western medicine and precious little "care." The Truth is...

Pharmaceuticals are extremely toxic and can be deadly. Every pharmaceutical drug contains chemicals (brought to you by the Rockefellers) that alter our brains, damage our physiology, and interfere with our consciousness. Pharmaceuticals are created by sorcerers. The word "pharmaceutical" derives from the word "pharmakeia" which means SORCERY.

Vaccines are (and have been from the very beginning) biological weapons. They are designed to destroy the immune system, create infertility, and alter the genetic integrity of Mankind. Vaccines contain DNA from aborted human babies, as well as monkey kidneys, pig blood, bovine fetal serum, guinea pig brains, catepillar eggs, and much more. They also contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, aspartame, polysorbate 80 (spermicide) and more. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine and all vaccines cause harm.

Doctors have absolutely no training in how to generate health. On the contrary, their training is based on a model of diagnosis and prescription, combined with the slash and burn mentality of surgery and radiation. Doctors have virtually NOTHING to offer in terms of helping people get well. Many of them are mind-controlled and still more are involved in luciferian or satanic cults. If you ask any victim of trauma based mind control or satanic ritual abuse about their stories, these stories will include being deliberately and repetitively being harmed by doctors and nurses inside hospitals.

You have a major role to play in your own healing. Cleaning up your diet and refusing to poison yourself and your environment with toxic soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, laundry detergents, deodorants, hair sprays, perfumes and colognes, pesticides, and more will serve to improve your health and put you on a path toward wellness. Doctors will rarely, if ever, talk to you about such things.

Hospitals are temples of the occult. They are places of death, disease, extreme toxicity, and extreme trauma. Hospitals serve poisonous food so that people will become more sick and they offer poisonous and extremely harmful and traumatic "treatments" because they are in the business of creating death. People who work inside of these temples are trained by Luciferians to do harm. Even if they do not know they are doing harm, they are still doing harm. Hospitals are engaged in torturing infants, children, and adults and they are also in the business of attempted soul snatching. The caduceus -- symbol of the American Medical Association -- also happens to be known as the Rod of Hermes. Hermes is the Greek god of liars, thieves and murderers, and is also said to be the "conductor of souls" (i.e. leading the dead into the underworld where they can remain trapped for millennia and forced to repetitively reincarnate). There is great evil lurking in western hospitals -- especially American hospitals.

Conventional medicine is advanced in systems of trauma based mind control and satanic ritual abuse. Those behind this industry know how to alter Mankind and they are in the business of consistently trying to devise more and better methods of torture and slow poisoning in order to turn humanity into a slave race. They call this "science."

More research equates to more animals and humans being systematically tortured and poisoned. Science is satanic. That is why the world of science has brought us disturbing and extremely dangerous anomalies like GMO foods, nuclear radiation, vaccines, chemtrails, HAARP, fluoride in our drinking water, mercury in our dental fillings and light bulbs, pharmaceutical drugs, and more.

Mankind is and has been under attack by luciferian forces. They operate through the medical system in a HUGE way and through every institution of the technological world. This includes media, schools, government, "entertainment," and more.

Please wake up. It is our only chance of saving ourselves and getting out of this mess.