Thursday, September 24, 2015


Perceptions Talk Radio with guest Jeanice Barcelo

Tonight (Thursday, 9/24/15) at midnight US eastern, on, you can “listen live” and hear a show I recently recorded with Johnathan Macedo​ about medical abuse and birth trauma in the United States. Johnathan heartfully shared a personal experience he had during the birth of his first child in a NJ hospital. Although his wife was laboring absolutely fine for hours, when the female doctor arrived, she insisted on giving mom pitocin and cervadil, causing untold problems for mother and baby that led to fetal distress and ultimately an iatrogenically caused c-section. The pain in Johnathan’s voice as he recalls this birth experience makes clear the overwhelming trauma that fathers are experiencing as a result of having to witness their partners and children be abused and hurt by the medical system during hospital birth.

We also talk about Johnathan's personal experience of seeing his son descend into his wife's body during the moment of conception and the strong bond he has with his son to this day (a bond that the boy's mother does not have with her son because of medical interference during birth).

We cover a lot of territory during this show so if you or a loved one has experienced a hijacked birth and is ready to begin the healing process, you’ll want to listen to this show. There's lots of helpful information here.

If you are unable to listen at midnight, you can watch the youtube video at your convenience here.