Monday, July 20, 2015


Friends - I am pleased to announce that Birth of a New Earth Radio is live once again on VTN - Veterans Truth Network at -- every Thursday from 8-10pm eastern. I am working with an amazing co-host -- Rich Winkel​ of Thought Crime Radio -- Rich is a brilliant, articulate man who is knowledgeable about obstetrical abuse and topics of political importance. Rich and I intend to put circumcision strongly on the discussion board and since this station reaches hundreds of thousands of people, we will expect to see some drastic changes in the consciousness of the American people, especially parents. I am proud to be part of a line-up of hosts that include Stew Webb, Dr. Rebecca Carley, Dane Wigington​, Phil Tourney, Lorien Fenton, Jim Fetzer, Eli James, and many more STRONG VOICES FOR TRUTH! I hope you will join us. Listen live here:

Call-in number: 412-440-5322