Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Birth Trauma and the Cult of Modern Medicine

June 2015 - Jeanice Barcelo interviewed on Truther Talk Radio with April Boden and Virstyne Henry. A DEEP conversation that exposes the dark side of western medicine and the luciferian forces that are responsible for the violence against infants, mothers, and families during hospital birth. Topics include birth rape, father trauma due to fathers having to witness the abuse of their loved ones and not being able to protect them. Usurpation of the father's role and the disempowerment of men is the goal and it often causes a breakdown in marital relationships after the birth of children.

The occult forces in control of western medicine are INTENDING to do harm. Their efforts are methodical and purposeful and are designed to create brain damage in infants and a breakdown in the mother/infant/family bond. The brain damage is intended to alter Mankind so that we will become servants to the luciferian machine.

Medical school itself is a form of trauma-based mind-control, designed to deliberately traumatize medical students through sleep deprivation, nutrition deprivation, light deprivation, animal torture, etc. in order to cause dissociation. Alter personalities develop through the process of "desensitization" (i.e., mind control) and these personalities are willing to conform to wicked medical norms.

Ultrasound technology is a weapon designed to alter the brain and genitals of developing babies. This technology sets the stage for the development of autism, and is followed by induction, pitocin, amniotomy, c-section, cord clamping, vaccines, circumcision, and much more -- all of which cause severe trauma and ultimately alter the brain.

Vaccines are biological weapons designed to genetically mutate Mankind. By injecting the DNA from aborted human babies into the bloodstreams of babies that are alive, they scramble the baby's genetic code. They also inject DNA from monkey kidneys, pig blood, bovine fetal serum, catepillar eggs, guinea pig brains, and neurotoxins like aluminum and mercury along with poisons like formaldehyde, MSG, aspartame, and more.

Also included in this discussion is a bold analysis of the judeo-christian god and who he really is.
For more info, please read "Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine" by Jeanice Barcelo -- birthofanewearth.com/?p=3790