Friday, May 22, 2015


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The Death of “Safe & Effective”: Government Turns on CDC as Agency’s Credibility Goes Up in Flames

Recently Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hit a historical home run in the Vermont State House as he slammed the credibly of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for 15 minutes. This came just days after Michelle Rowton went public about routine vaccine-induced damage she witnessed happening at her hospital. As the foundation continues to be torn away from the house of cards that is the CDC, State Representatives and Congressmen are pushing back hard against removal of vaccine of exemptions. It was only a matter of time until those in government without conflicts of interest join the landslide to protect medical freedom.

Maine State Representative David Sawicki has introduced LD 950 into the 127th Maine Legislature. Using language that is simple and to the point, LD 950 has drawn the line in the sand against the encroachment on parental choice and medical freedom. Sawicki has constructed an open-sourced, easy to follow act that can be reproduced immediately in any State today. A fast acting antidote to toxic bills attempting to remove vaccine choice, LD 950 consists of only one sentence:

“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person, employer or educational institution may not discriminate against an individual because that individual has refused a vaccination.”

Due to its simplicity, this plug-and-play bill should act as a beacon of common sense for those state and government representatives who are still concerned about medical freedom and rule of law for their citizens.

Manifesting also from Maine is LD 1076 introduced by Beth O’Connor. This act would enable a Vaccine Consumer Protection Program that would serve to halt the daily uninformed consent experienced by patients receiving vaccination. In addition, the act also puts a spotlight on vaccine injury, claims and education of medical professionals as well as the public. Essentially, this act would serve as a modern day version of the Nuremberg code for the United States medical community that has intentionally chosen to ignore such human rights codes.

Not to be outdone by O’Connor and Sawicki, Congressman Bill Posey of CDC whistleblower fame has introduced into the 114th Congress H.R. 1636 titled the Vaccine Safety Study Act. Spring boarding off the rubble of a fallen CDC, the language in this bill aims to do the correct vaccine research that the agency has failed to do. The bill specifically prohibits conflicts of interest with regards to pharmaceutical company ties and specifically requires true independent studies. In addition, the bill requires studies to be carried out on the interaction effects of multiple vaccines children are receiving daily in the United States.

The narrative and infallibility of the vaccine industry, CDC and medical community is falling apart before our eyes. Events recently are signaling a major backlash and shift of momentum regarding the fraudulent acts in many states racing to remove vaccine exemptions before credibility is completely destroyed. Senators and congressmen are speaking up and introducing bills. Nurses are speaking out and more communities are being mobilized. Against this type of growing pressure, lobbyists and others with conflicts of interests are being exposed to the world rapidly. These commonsense bills contain language that the average reader can’t help to ask why America has unwisely put the cart before the horse by requiring multiple untested combinations of vaccines without proper informed consent.