Wednesday, January 28, 2015


KNOW YOUR ENEMY! The same people who've been worshiping this bull for centuries (and who now own and control almost all the US media outlets) are the very same people who GEO-ENGINEERED the massive storm that just hit the east coast. That storm was deliberately steered directly into New York City and it was kept hovering over the area for many hours with the help of chemtrails and HAARP technology. The dark ones wanted to make sure it would dump maximum amounts of snow -- and the real reason for this is because they wanted to test the population here in New York in order to determine if the people were going to accept martial law. The shut down of all roads and all transportation into and out of New York City was a test run designed to mimic martial law. The shut down was not done to keep anyone safe but rather to psychologically prepare New Yorkers for what they are planning next -- and to see how New Yorkers would respond. Their evil agenda is so transparent at this point it makes me want to throw up.