Monday, November 3, 2014


Step #1 - have sex with a mutant male masquerading as a real man and allow yourself to make a child with this creature.

Step #2 - sit back and do nothing while the biological idiot engages in all manner of grotesque behaviors in order to make himself feel like a "real man."

Step #3 - allow your child to spend time with this moron so that he, too, can learn how to recklessly endanger and murder innocent life forms and thereby inherit his father's pathetic mental condition.

AND PRESTO LADIES -- YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED ENORMOUSLY TO THE DEGRADATION OF LIFE ON OUR PLANET AND THE ANNIHILATION OF LOVE. Next time, consider keeping your pants zipped and having enough self-respect to say NO to these despicable men and thereby put an end to the lineage of mutants.