Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Dear friends -- David Icke needs our help. He is being legally harassed by zionists.

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The Warman Defence Fund

"I have been dealing with a legal action brought by serial Canadian litigant Richard Warman for the last – wait for it – TWELVE YEARS. No, that’s not a typing error – TWELVE YEARS. If that sounds mad, well, it’s because it is.

The action relates to what was said about him in Children of the Matrix published in 2001 – THIRTEEN years ago – in a chapter headed ‘The Gatekeepers’.

The action fits perfectly with Warman’s stated policy of what he calls ‘Maximum Disruption’ – setting out to cause maximum disruption to the lives of his legal targets, the number of which is absolutely shocking. A figure of 69 was mentioned in one of his cases last year and if that is not 100% accurate then he can let me have what he says is the number and I’ll add it here.

His legal campaigns have led to financially devastated lives, people being silenced and websites forced to close as a result. Despite this, Warman was given a ‘human rights’ award by the Canadian Jewish Congress.

How he can afford to pay all the lawyers he hires goodness knows – take this single action over 12 years alone.

There are many people in Canada who are now terrified of saying anything about Warman for fear of yet another lawsuit and more maximum disruption. I say ENOUGH.

I’m not frightened or intimidated by him and I am taking this to the end despite having the massive disadvantage of living 3,500 miles from where the case has been happening.

The final trial that will decide the case begins in Toronto on February 2nd. Everything I have created over the last 25 years is under threat, but at the same time so are Richard Warman’s legal activities which will be exposed to global public scrutiny during the estimated 3-week trial.

My lawyer and myself are now working to put together what is a tremendous case and that is very costly with all the legal fees and travel and accommodation costs to get witnesses thousands of miles to Canada.

Any help you can give us with this will be much appreciated and no contribution is too small. This is not only about me and my work, but freedom of expression for everyone.

Someone has to stand up for that and refuse to wilt.

Thanks for your help.


Click the button below to contribute by PayPal until a designated Warman Defence Fund PayPal account and bank account are ready in a few days …

Cheques/postal orders can be made out to the Warman Defence Fund and sent to:

The Warman Defence Fund
c/o Suite 4
185A High Street
Isle of Wight
PO33 2PN
United Kingdom

This is also the address for any cash contributions.

* If you have any information that might relate to this case and connected matters please contact us at this address:

And this just in from Arthur Topham, who is being harassed by the very same person/entities.

"Yesterday I was alerted to a post on David Icke's site regarding his 12 year legal battle with the same psychopath that laid the sec. 319(2) complaint against me that resulted in my incarceration and theft of all of my computers back in May of 2012. David is going to trial in February of 2015 and is looking for some assistance in finding particular people who may be able to be of assistance in defending himself. Due to a court order I can't mention this scumbag's name on any site or group that I'm owner or moderator of so I have to do things in a roundabout way. I'll post David's message and if anyone knows how either of these people might be contacted then they can write to David at the email address given on his website. Again, I can't take the chance of even posting the address. Please keep me informed via message or at my regular email ( if you have any info to share. Thanks.

Do you know the contact details of these people?

new Wednesday 19th November 2014 at 11:21 By David Icke
We are trying to contact the following in Canada:

Loretta Appa and her business partner Susan formerly of Sumari Seminars

Richard Finnegan formerly of the Counter-Propaganda website

If you know where they can be contacted please let us know at this email: