Friday, October 10, 2014


Did you know that many intact men who enlist in the United States military are put through sadistic sexual initiation rituals, some of which involve having their penises permanently altered and mutilated through circumcision? It's true! And this is because circumcision is a form of trauma-based mind-control and can cause a split in the male psyche, thereby turning otherwise good men into killing machines -- which is perfect for the U.S. military.

Check this out... And thanks to Wanda Bates for this info.

Excerpts from Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma
A book by Rosemary Romberg

“I was in the Navy during WW II, spending months on end cooped up on a miserable ship. With nothing else to do, some of us formed an initiation club. The doc, with nothing else to do, was into circumcising. Usually he had gone through every foreskin on the ship –including mine. My club was made up of ex-uncut men who were graduates of the doc. Whenever ‘new cocks’ were transferred to our ship, the doc would let us know which ones were uncut. We went to work on them — ‘Going to let the doc take care of that buddy?’, ‘About time you join the U.S. Navy, isn’t it buddy?’, ‘Ready to get that thing clipped, buddy?’, ‘Just think, buddy, this time next week, you’ll be a regular circumcised American sailor.’ We usually got them to sign quick and we made a big thing of initiation ceremonies as we watched the doc clip off another dick. Shit! What a lousy way to spend a war!”2

“I entered the Army and at age 20 was relocated overseas. I developed tonsillitis and the doctor advised tonsillectomy. I had no objection. I woke up in the recovery room with a sore throat and a sore penis! The doctor was standing by me admiring his butchery and said ‘While you were under, I noticed you hadn’t been circumcised, so I gave you a freebie.’ I called him a son of a bitch and his reply was, ‘You ought to be thanking me, I made a man out of you!’ “2

“In the midst of sex in Saigon I got just a short slit in the foreskin … had to go to the infirmary on account of the bleeding … I was very close to being discharged and the Army dogs said that it had to be circumcised, otherwise it would hold me up from going home. I protested vigorously, but you know who won the battle! The circumcision kept me out of action for about 5 weeks. Losing the foreskin was a traumatic experience sort of like losing a limb, or for a woman, a breast. I have gotten used to it now, but it was many degrees more pleasurable with foreskin, sensations were more intense. The army was sure adamant about cutting and I often wonder if it was really necessary. I can’t believe it was in my case. But their attitude gave me the feeling that they had a ‘thing’ about it.”2

“During the Vietnam war I joined the Navy. We had routine short arm inspection every few weeks. This is a real experience because the doctor has everyone milk them. The 10% or so who are not cut have to peel back their foreskins and bare the head as well as go through the milking routine. I never had any trouble at these inspections until a new doctor showed up. He seemed to be particularly interested in my cock and made me skin it several times. Then he told me to report to him in Sick Bay, and I wondered what was up.
“I think the creep just hated guys who had not been cut as babies or maybe he was some kind of kooky closet queen who was envious of me. Anyway he said I had to report for a circumcision. I told him I never had any V.D., I never had any trouble with coming, I kept myself clean, and I just didn’t want to go around minus my foreskin and with a scar on my prick, and I wouldn’t report. The M.F. said, ‘OK, sailor, then it’s a court martial and a general discharge for you.’ Well, I didn’t want that on my record and I knew I couldn’t beat the system.
“So now I have a cock like all other poor bastards whose folks didn’t have enough sense to say ‘NO WAY’ when the doctor asked them if they wanted to have the baby cut…. If somebody’s religion says ‘get cut’ OK, but why the hell should 90% of the male babies in America have to sacrifice their foreskins because of a lot of bloodthirsty doctors? Someday the men of this country will put an end to all this mutilation and cocks will be like nature made them and like mine used to be.”2

“I know of a Navy doctor who always circumcised on Saturday night so he could use foreskins for bait when he fished on Sunday.”2

“A doctor on my ship fed foreskins to his pet piranha fish.”2

“In my battalion (Seabees, WW II) the doctor did his damndest to sweet-talk, coerce, and ‘politic’ us uncuts into allowing him to add our foreskins to his 1/2-gallon jar of alcohol-pickled foreskins.”2

Dr. Mendelsohn comments:

“In the past, the U.S. Armed Forces advocated circumcision perhaps because it gave an opportunity for young surgeons to practice, there was an excess of available hospital beds, the procedure presumably promoted cleanliness, and, in their view, it prevented venereal disease.* Circumcision was also felt to promote discipline, I presume as a result of the young recruit’s learning what the Army could do to him at the outset he might be influenced to behave himself during the rest of his tour of duty. Possibly because of this conditioning, many people think that circumcision is mandated by state law.”2