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Source Article by Leeza Mironova
Diet as Energy

Diet as energy.

Bow to all the foods and thank them that they feed you, and love you. If they did not love you, they would be poisonous. To the bread – especially, a low bow. In this is great wisdom, in this is life eternal and joyous and not malnourished and meager. Right now you buy bread and other foods for money. This is very bad, for foods, bought for money – it is nothing less, then a lie, a hole from a bagel (as you say). For solid foods have subtle unseen energies, it is them that nourish the body. And the energies of sold foods are always unscrupulous. They are grown for sale and the first thought of the salesman is mercenary. That is why these energies are corrupt, mercenary, from the very beginning they don't love you. Of course the person receives the vitamins and gets fed, but this person will never be truly happy, for in this person live the energies of greed, falsehood, and duplicity. It destroys a person, it oppresses him, makes him restless. But the person does not realize this, he lives like that.
But if you eat what you have planted with your own hands, then even in the most difficult time in your life you will receive help and support, support and care for you, in one word – Love. And then it is many times easier to get through the tough times. Believe it just how important it is to eat (take in) pure thoughts, that is Love, and not that, which lies to you, despises, hates, that is bought for money.

When you eat at public places, you could be taking in “poison” or a distorted understanding of life, coldness and dirt of stranger's unhappy hearts, those people, who made this food. Everyday, monotonous labor, frequent, unloved and under payed, more often causes irritation in such people, that's why the food, made by them, contains their pain, suffering, anger.

• Wheat – takes in the energy of the sun and the energy of the Earth and converts it into the energy, resembling the energy of a person. If the wheat is not cloned, it has extraordinary power. With a small amount it can nourish the body with all the vitamins, necessary for a fulfilled life of a person. Wheat increases the speed of thought, makes the body have more endurance. This is the food of the aboriginal people. It was simply soaked in water and eaten like that. Right now from wheat the bread is baked. Gradually you have learned to grow wheat and your bread will be the most famous mainly because, you will be growing wheat and backing bread not for sale, to make money, with that putting down and disrespecting the bread, for it, like an energy, has pure thoughts, but like a friend, trusting it with your life completely.

• Rye – has the same energies as wheat, only stronger, with more determination, it is more precise. This is the food of the aboriginal people, which increases the speed of thought.

Before sleeping in the gardens or in grooves, or in the forest, it is desirable to eat bread with water from the spring, or from a clean source. The bread has to be grown by you and baked at home. That which you buy in the store can not be called bread in its full meaning. Such bread nourishes only the physical body, the subtle bodies are starving.

• Mushrooms – this are the spattered thoughts of the Creator. In the mushrooms there is information, connected to life of the Universe. They possess a powerful energy as food. They are absorbed by the body very well, filling it with practically all the beneficial substances, increase the speed of thought, make the body have more endurance, protect it from diseases, strengthening the memory. The energy itself of the mushroom returns the person to thought, what is he as a person, to the essence of that word, and his responsibilities to the world surrounding him. This is a food of the aboriginal people.

Poisonous mushrooms came about later. Those are dark thoughts and evil wishers of people. When people started to degrade, their negative, aggressive energy started to go into the earth, some types of mushrooms drew that energy to themselves. Poisonous mushrooms appeared. The more evil the energy is, the more dangerous the mushrooms are. When the Earth will cleanse itself of evil, there will be no more poisonous mushrooms.

• Animals - it is a huge world with its own traditions, laws, rites. Animals in their energies can substitute the energy of the people, only they will be a little lower in their aspirations. With animals we need to maintain a thought connection, wish them goodness and thank them for their existence.

Originally from a person emanated love towards everything, but now people started to hunt their friends for interest, and not because they are hungry.

Today the animals are being killed by the thousands in slaughterhouses, to sell the meat for money. Lost is the original thought of the Creator – to eat meat only out of hunger, for the survival of the person. People are offered meals consistent of meat, where the meat is the base, and the rest is seasoning. Mercenary meat has one energy – energy of death, destruction, suffering. At the slaughterhouse the animal understands, that it will soon be killed by those, who fed it and took care of it, the people. The animal is in double the horror because, it will be killed by those, who loved it. This horror with a powerful flow goes to the cosmos, there it intensifies to enormous proportions and comes back to the bodies, of the animals awaiting their death. Such meat it is even dangerous to look at, let alone to eat.

A person does not violate anything, if he eats the meat of an animal on the condition, that there exists no other food. In such case, before the hunt he should explain to the space, why he is doing this. Pure thoughts in this have determining value. Then the meat, as food, will have pure energy, for originally, in this case, the person was unselfish.

• Fish – it is a living organism, which creates it own thought, meaning, on a subconscious level communicates with the planets. An energetic exchange takes place, which creates a living balance in nature, fills all the water space with living energy of thought. The water possesses knowledges of the aboriginal people and fish, living in it, coming in contact with water, create an energy, resembling the energy of a person. When a person thoughtlessly intervenes in this medium, fright takes place, fear, a strong release of negative energies. Do not create evil with the water and with that, which lives in it. Gift it your love.

• Potato – has a weak energy, unbalanced, insecure, energy of doubt. The body becomes sluggish, lazy, sour. Solid energy of a potato is called starch, which can't be digested as alkaline-acid, is discharged badly, sharply lowers the speed of thought, blocks immunity. Potato does not mix with any other food. If it is to be eaten, then separately, preferably boiled and unpeeled. In Russ there never existed potatoes, it was brought by the dark ones and was cultivated forcefully. Gradually they deduced and outlined it in the thoughts of people as the main vegetable, with which they very much harmed the human body. Today it is the primary vegetable food on the table, is considered the second bread, and the beneficial vegetables they turned into the minor category.

We ask you that under no circumstances should the students of the School of “Happiness” be consuming potatoes, where everything is directed towards the increase of speed of thought, because the potato will bring everything to zero.

Potato can be eaten by those who are younger in the period of two months, then it becomes poisonous. Substitute potato with turnips. It's no coincidence that an attempt is being made to completely eradicate turnips from the diet.

• Turnip – possesses pure thought in terms of energy, that is, it possesses the purest Divine energy, purposefully directed towards the help of the aboriginal people. Turnip – it is an earthly sun, it even has a yellow color. The turnip has everything, that is in other vegetables, all the vitamins, because of that your body will be very grateful to you.

• Radish – it is a natural antiseptic, possesses the energy of cleansing. Accelerates blood and all the energies of the physical body and subtle bodies, stimulates the immunity, and the body deals easier with the change of temperature. Similarly radish stimulates organs, responsible for procreation. It dispels the body of lactic acid, that is collected fatigue, balances the character of a person, brings him the initial state, confidence in himself, enlightens thoughts, possesses the power, which burns up the energies of doubt and lack of confidence.

• Carrot – has a yellowish color, this is a color of enlightenment. It possesses the energy of freshness, desire to live, create, make others happy and for yourself to be happy. It is good to eat in the morning and in the day time. The carrot is good to mix with cabbage, turnip, greens.

• Beet – has a red, burgundy color. This color is full of life, confidence in yourself. Possesses complete, full energy. It is best to eat beets in the second half of the day. It fills the body with confidence, the thoughts become solid, decisive, more objective. The beet effects the subtle body of a person as a strengthener of bright, pure, positive energies. These energies in a person start to become more confident over all the others.

• Cabbage – possesses bright light energies, which circulate in a person stagnant energies and help him think better, help the though process, make it easier to look at a situation, happening in his life. The cabbage gives strength to the physical body, cleans it, cleanses out toxins, physical and energetic, makes the body more youthful and nourishes the subtle bodies with young energy. Cabbage mixes well with turnip, it can be eaten at any time of the day in any form.

• Onion – is an antiseptic, kills harmful microbes. In today's life onion is very relevant, for the life surrounding people is dirty. It can be eaten in any form by desire. The energy of an onion is heavy, suppressing, burning up, it effects the thoughts of a person as a stimulant and makes him more decisive, sharp and even aggressive, slows down the feeling of danger and pushes the person to make decisions without forethought, and in separate situations does the opposite, sobers one up. The energy of an onion does not have a precisely directed energy, it is multi directed, that's why its effect on the person is multifaceted.

• Garlic – is also an antiseptic and possesses rigid, burning energy. It similarly, like an onion, kindle up aggression in a person, lowers in him the feeling of danger, cleanses the blood, burns up dirt in the subtle bodies of a person. Abusing the garlic is not recommended, it can harm, burn his subtle bodies. If you are offered a garlic, and you do not want it, it is better not to eat it, because you can harm yourself. The energy of the garlic is rigid, strong, purposeful and has a character of unlimited will.

• Cucumbers – have green color, which signifies the blooming of life and possesses light energies. They help to lower pressure and nourish subtle body of a person with a gentle, juicy energy. Cucumbers can be eaten at any time of the day, but it's not advisable to eat with tomatoes.

• Tomato – has a red color full of life energy. Tomato denotes soft sun. It amplifies strong energies in a person, because it represents the energy of a fire, heat. A tomato mixes with all the vegetables, except for cucumbers.

• Peas - it is a protein, it possesses strong energy, which stirs up inner energies of a person, they boil. In the intestines is created a chaos, with that the intestine begins to work in full power, enhancing fermentation and the walls of the intestines clear out. The intestine inflates, straightens and a massage happens. In interaction with the gastric acid the peas produce a substance, which protects the body from it own evil energies, created by incorrect thoughts of a person. Peas is best eaten in the morning and in the day time.

• Beans – it is a protein, possesses a strong, assertive, elastic energy. It is not recommended to be eaten often, as it strengthens energies and not only positive ones. Beans are best eaten in the morning, day time, can be eaten with other vegetables.

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In the modern books you are taught different types of diets. For example, the raw food diet – which is very recommended to eat raw vegetables. All this is correct. Only in those books only one side if this action is presented, not the most important.
Those writers, as a rule, live in the cities, in concrete and asphalt, breathe the stench of exhaust gases of automobiles, drink purified dead water from the plumbing or from bottles, buy the food from the stores and at the markets, they are corrupt.
We are telling you: eat any food cooked or raw, such, which your body desires. Only these foods should be grown by you – in this and only in this is the meaning of a truly healthy diet. And you become happy – in this and only this is all the wisdom!
Don't make the diet your end in itself, but let it help you become happy. Create vedruss families, create The Space of Love in kin's domains, give birth to happy, divine children for your own happiness and our Father-Creator!

The Dolmens.
Books from the series “Knowledge of the Pristine Origins”,
From book one “Knowledges, kept by the dolmens” A. Savrasov.
Translation by Leeza Mironova