Monday, September 22, 2014


Newborn Baby Doesn't Want To Leave Her Mother [FULL]

Babies are hardwired with a need to be with their mothers. Notice how this baby desperately tries to cling to its mother's face, recognizing this person as "mother" by the scent of her body. Yet mother does not respond to her baby's pleas for connection -- likely because she has been anesthetized. In fact, she remains completely unresponsive to the baby throughout the baby's ordeal and is behaving as if she is dead. This type of birth memory -- which is inflicted on infants day after day after day in hospitals around the globe due to c-section birth -- leaves a very damaging imprint on the baby. The memory will be utter terror (imagining mother is dead), desperation for love, utter rejection and/or abandonment, and betrayal by adults, in general. The cruelty that we are witnessing here cannot be overstated, and the pain in this baby's heart will likely endure throughout it's life. This is one of the saddest things I have ever seen and I am sickened by some of the comments I saw on facebook, indicating that some people thought it was funny or "cute."

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! If you want to understand what is wrong with humanity, you needn't look much further than technological interference in birth. It is destroying our species, and we in turn are destroying all of life.