Wednesday, September 3, 2014


From the “The Illuminati New World Order (INWO)” card game which had a printing run from 1982 - 1995... a 13-year printing run which was likely no accident since the Illuminati are obsessed with the number 13.

Now, as we approach the 13th anniversary of 911, and as we contemplate the possibility of another luciferian-controlled false flag attack on America, it is important to learn about various forms of psychic defense so that we may counteract any negative intentions the dark ones may be projecting to alter our reality for the worse.

Below you will find two videos created by Kerth Barker, who is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse. Kerth is doing all that he can to expose the evil of the satanic Illuminati and to give us insight into how they work and how we can protect ourselves from their dastardly deeds.

Here's is a quote from Kerth's latest video, entitled JFKs Occult Murder and Psychic Defense. You can watch the entire video below. To learn more about Kerth's books and other videos, please visit this site.
“As a child, I attended a number of occult rituals that were not particularly painful or frightening but they were bizarre and disturbing. These involved the use of occult practices to manipulate people in the world. These occult rituals might be used to heal a member of the coven, to create prosperity for the coven, or to attack a perceived enemy of the coven. And all of these satanic covens in the US, Europe and Israel are connected together by a committee, and this committee is made up of aristocratic and wealthy luciferians from families of generational billionaires. They’re very inbred and they are committed to the creation of a global government – what people call the “new world order.” And sometimes these occult secret societies, directed by the committee, coordinate their activities to make a coordinated psychic attack on society in general. This was done before and during the 911 false flag attack on the Twin Towers in New York, and it was done before and after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I’ll talk in detail about the occult ritual I witnessed which was involved in the murder of JFK in a minute, but first I want to talk a little bit about how these occult rituals are structured.

Before I witnessed the JFK ritual, I witnessed a different occult ceremony in which a satanic coven used their psychic powers to break up the marriage of a wealthy man so that a satanist woman could marry that man after his divorce. I want to describe this occult ritual in order to give you a sense of the dynamics involved in this type of occult manipulation. This wealthy man was married to a Christian woman whom he loved. But he was also having an affair with a younger woman whom, unbeknownst to him, was a member of a satanic coven. When this satanic woman would have adulteress sex with this man, sometimes she would play the song “Whatever Lola Wants.” You may have heard this song from the soundtrack of the movie “Damn Yankees.” You may remember this song. It’s a humorous song that begins with the lyrics “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets, and little man, little Lola wants you.” The satanic occultists used that song as an attunement. An attunement is a set of words or music that when spoken or listened to, attunes the mind of the psychic sender to the mind of the psychic receiver. An attunement can be used in positive or negative ways… Mantras, hymns, prayers, songs or chants can all be used as attunements and you find such attunements in all religions of all types, including satanism… An attunement can be used knowingly but it can also be used covertly without the receiver’s consent or understanding. An attunement does not have to be something overtly religious. It can be a popular song or any other phrase or musical tune. For example, whenever this wealthy man listened to that song, “Whatever Lola Wants,” he would unconsciously attune his mind to the occult ritual. And this is another principle in psychic practices, intention is very important. The occultists of this coven had a strong intention that their psychic powers be projected through the vibrational qualities of that song, “Whatever Lola Wants.” So the song was like a vibrational carrier wave for psychic information. So when you combine a knowledge of psychic nonlocality with strong intention, you have the basis of psychic projection. And the attunement conditions the mind of the person to accept the psychic projection. I witnessed this particular occult ritual in the home of a satanist who lived near me. In this occult ritual which I witnessed as a child, the coven leader took a photograph of this wealthy man and his wife and she ritualistically cut it into two pieces, separating the man from his wife. Then she taped a picture of the man's mistress to his picture attaching them together. The coven members played the song “Whatever Lola Wants” in the background during the ritual on a loop so that it played over and over again. And they took a quote from the Bible, God is love, and pronounced it backwards using it as a chant. So this chant was evol si dog. Then the coven leader who was herself a satanic psychic adept, spoke something in a language that I didn't understand. This was done to attune her mind to the mind of some evil demonic force. Then she intensely visualized the wealthy man arguing with his christian wife, divorcing her and then marrying his satanic mistress. The coven members, all dressed in black robes, chanted evol si dog over and over for quite some time. Witnessing all this made me feel sick. It was very creepy to watch. Then after what seemed like a long time, the coven members finally started to laugh hysterically with glee. Weeks after this occult ceremony, I heard from a satanist I knew that this wealthy man did in fact divorce his christian wife of many years and marry the younger satanist woman. And this eventually helped to create wealth and opportunity for the coven. So this example should give you some idea of how occultism can be used to psychically manipulate unsuspecting persons.”
Please watch the entire video below for more information about psychic attacks and how we can protect ourselves. But please also note the following:

(1) At 3:33, there are word reversals that make me feel physically uncomfortable to view. I want to bring your attention to these word reversals so that subliminal or unconscious programming can be avoided while you watch the video.

(2) I do not like the repetition of the words "God is Love" in reverse. When Kerth was speaking the reversal of these words during the video, and showing them also in writing, I found myself very strongly calling in a protective field and speaking out loud the words "GOD IS LOVE" (with an emphasis on the word IS) repeatedly. I did this to negate any ill program that might have come through the luciferian reversal of these words.

When I shared with Kerth my concern about these portions of the video, he said the following:
The way that a teacher coaches students in kung fu is that he teaches them the techniques for defending themselves and then he throws kicks and punches at the student to train them to be able to protect themselves. That's what I'm doing with the Satanic Chants video and the JFKs Occult Murder & Psychic Defense video. So perhaps it would be a good idea to warn people that these are psychic kung fu training videos in which I'm trying to make people aware of how Satanists project negative psychic energies and how you can protect yourself from them. I deliberately let people feel these energies and I explain how they can protect themselves from them....

So here is the video, which I hope you will enjoy, and below is the "Satanic Chants" video, also for your review.

JFK's Occult Murder & Psychic Defense

Satanic Chants and Warnings from Kerth Barker

Check out this site for more info on Kerth's books and videos. Highly recommended.