Monday, September 15, 2014


The people responsible for 9/11 (and I use the word "people" loosely) need to be executed for treason and mass murder. There can be absolutely no doubt that Israel was deeply involved in this atrocity against America since an Israeli company was responsible for "security" at the towers -- where megatons of explosives were planted to bring those towers down. The US government, and especially George Bush and his satanic buddies, are also guilty of treason and murder and deserve to be executed -- in fact, they NEED to be executed as part of a responsible approach to protecting the future of the US and the rest of the world. TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BURIED THERE HEADS AND LOOKED THE OTHER WAY, BUYING INTO THE LIES OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND REFUSING TO SEE THE TRUTH -- please know that you are a fundamental part of the problem. Please wake up. These psychopaths must be stopped. And we are the ones who need to stop them.

Ricki DeSantis releases important new photos from 9/11

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EXCLUSIVE: Never Before Seen Photos from 9/11 RELEASED

It has been over 13 years since the tragic day of 9/11 and many who have survived that horrendous day are still having a hard time coping with everything that happened. One of those people affected is Ricki, a survivor who lived through the worst of that day and is still suffering physically and mentally from the trauma. He has explained to us the shell shock and post traumatic stress he goes through almost everyday that made him close off and not develop the photos that he took that day. In an exclusive interview he gave WeAreChange, Ricki has entrusted us with those photos and told us to publish them. We are releasing all the photos that we were given for you, 13 years later that no one else has seen. Ricki still has other photos that have not been released, these are the photos that we are given and we are letting you make up your own mind about them. Please also note Ricki is not a professional photographer and grabbed what he could to take these photos.

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New 9/11 Survivor Provides Explosive New Evidence