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This was a very interesting article! I am posting highlights from the article below. You can read the entire article here. Highly recommended.

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The Khazars, the new ‘Black Pope’ & the prophecies of Gog/Magog

"...Seems that everyone is talking about the last Pope [Malachy prophecies] and the ‘Black Pope’ [Nostrodamus prophecies] but after scouring the internet, no one has made the connection between the new Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the prophecies of Gog and Magog from the bible. The new Pope even has the word, ‘Gog’ in the middle of his surname! [‘Google’ also contains the word, Gog and ‘Yahoo’ means a beast masquerading as a hue-man..not too dissimilar to Yahu as in, Neten-yahoo]

There is no such thing as coincidences and even more so regarding the parasitic elite who are fanatical when it comes to gemantria or word magick, rituals and casting spells/spelling/go-spells. They are sorcerers who control the matrix by manipulating energy and frequencies...


The classical world, ancient Greece, Rome, the Chinese, Persians, Moors and ancient Egyptians all wrote about the Germanics - who had been annexed by a great wall around the Caucasus Mountains after they had created havoc among the ancient populations. The ancient Egyptians rounded them up and marched them to the mountains which was viewed as a natural barrier on one side and walls were built on the other to seal them in. The Egyptians recorded that their 'imprisonment' lasted 2,000 years before they sent Tut'Moses an emissary, to civilise the tribes and teach them writing; the laws of Maat and the 42 negative confessions and the history of the world. It's said that the Moors simplified these teaching and the Germanics reduced these teachings even further into what is known as the Bible [Old Testament] - what they call, 'The Torah'. It is also very possible that this is where the Ashke-nazi Jews get their biblical story of being imprisoned by the ancient Egyptians for 400 years; and how Moses [Tut'Moses] - the Egyptian came to free them; then finally, their 'EXODUS' out of the mountains. I read some place that the Russian's have ancient accounts regarding Exodus stories related to those mountains, will post here when I find it. It is also possible that this is where the Ashke-nazi's Biblical hatred for the ancient Egyptians and other indigenous races comes from. The Ashke-nazi has the 'mother of all complexes' and spends his days exterminating the other races of earth using biological weapons his psychotic scientist design. His aim is to create a world order where the Ashke-nazi has entire control of the planet and the Goyim are completely enslaved. His reasons for this, could be his two thousand years imprisoned in the Caucasus Mountains.

I know this all sounds far fetched until you read what the ancient Greeks, Persians, Chinese and Moors said. All record the same events which European scholars, since the 1800's have dismissed as myth or created confusion with 'scholars' having different schools of thought; when they know full well what was written about them. Meanwhile, they re-write their his-story books to reinvent their own origins superior to all the races on the planet and refuse to recognise the achievements of other races. The idea of Eugenics and superiority was conceived long before Hitler in the 1800's and is specific to the Ashke-nazi people of Europe...

The words; cannibal/reptilian/Annunaki/Nephilim/yahoo/faerie/bloodlines/demons are interchangeable and just some of the words originally used instead of ‘vampire’. If you google the origins of the word vampire, you will most likely come across the Bram Stoker explanation as the origin of vampires which is totally untrue - Vampires have a very ancient his-story.


The problem we have with the etymology [origin] of words is that their original meaning becomes lost within the modern context. The changing or bastardisation of words has been a deliberate intent of those who wish to conceal the true meaning of a word or phrase. This is why it is necessary to seek the meaning of a word in its original form such as, Latin or Greek in order to decode its meaning. The oldest recorded vampires come from ancient Egypt and Sumer.

There are many definitions of a vampire; energy-vampires, parasites, cannibals and vampires of consciousness.

Ancient Egypt/Khemet fell due to internal conflict when 'Set' who became the archetypal Satan, began a new practise and had many priests and followers. This practice seems to be related to the dark arts based on sex magick...he also somehow becomes 'mutated' physically. It was during this time that the Tama'u were created. The Egyptians first created artificial thought forms which manifested in the lowest level of the astral world, called LUNA - this is how Egypt fell - through the creation of the the Tama'u. Set is the main god the Hyskos worship because he was the one who created them.


Set used sex magick to create beings from the chakras by controlling the kundalini during orgasm. If the child is produced from the lower chakras, a Set or devil is produced which only has access to those chakras he was created with. If a child is born from the higher chakras - like the crown chakra, a 'Horus or Christ' is produced and this person can function from the higher chakras. These 'non-humans' were said to have powers which far exceeded most hue-mans. Although their powers exceed the average hue-man; they are said to have a limited dna lifespan of 6,000 years and are unable to 'operate' above the lower chakras of the body. This is also true when they die, they cannot reincarnate beyond the upper chakras of the cosmos and are limited to life on earth. It's said that even their physical bodies deteriorate with space flight as they do not possess the crystalline-melanin-based dna which is more compatible with higher frequencies. Folklore states that at some point, the Egyptian vampire clans were defeated by the Romanian ones.

The Egyptians called the child of the lower chakras a 'non human being' - even though they had super-natural powers and intelligence. This is what Aleister Crowley was attempting to achieve and he wrote a book about it called [THE MOON CHILD]...he used women called, 'Astarie' and says that the offspring are called a 'moon children' or werewolf because they are a child of the lowest astral plane [the luna].

It’s said that when the vampire clans are active in large numbers, the land is also afflicted with pestilence and plagues as the vampires practice demonism and sorcery. Wars and constant violent activity in particular areas of the world not only serve as rituals for these bloodlines but also conceals the activities of vampirism and cannibalism. They also provide a food source for the predator, whilst their crimes go unchecked.


The original practice of these people was based on mass sacrifice and cannibalism, which has been well documented. It wasn’t unusual for them to sacrifice an entire legion of their own soldiers in ritualistic blood frenzy. The other notable practice was sodomy, bestiality and paedophilia on a staggering scale which they believed to be quite normal.

Historically, allegations of cannibalism and paganism were used by the colonial powers to justify their slavery, ritual abuse and mass genocide of indigenous peoples when the reality was quite the opposite. Europeans often introduced these practices which were previously unknown [the Mayans being an obvious example]. I’m not saying that no one ever practised these things but never on the scale of Europeans.


Herodotus reports that the so-called ‘Androphagoi’ are the ‘only’ people in the region to practice cannibalism. He specifically describes the removal of the meat and mixing it with other foodstuffs to make a funerary stew. Though some historians think that Herodotus was most likely mistaken; this has been the tactic of the European elite, to simply deny evidence, destroy evidence and hide evidence. There is too much archaeological evidence which supports this and validates what the ancient writers wrote about the Germanic-Celtic tribes. Also, when you look at the food and medical industry [which the Ashke-nazi's have much control] - there is a pattern of using hue-mans harvested from the dead and aborted foetuses in their food products, vaccinations and beauty industry [Soylent Green]...


It's also interesting that a new book claims that Pope Benedict was actually a Crypto-Jew and traces his Jewish geneaology, which is no surprise because most religious clerics who claim to be Christians or Moslems practice demonism and ritual sacrifice behind the scenes, which is the religion of the Khazar-Jews. When you consider the historical wholesale slaughter and terrorism of the Palestinians, the Chrisians and Moslem clerics often remain silent in this matter. This speaks volumes and when you understand, they are Crypto-Jews of the Khazarian empire, it makes sense. This is also true for Freemasons who are predominately Jews and some convert to Christianity or Islam in order to become priests of those religions or Crypto-Jews to control the masses and the wealth and to hide their practices behind religions. This is why some people find it confusing when they realise that Hitler was a Catholic and DNA studies show that he was partly Jewish.

These hallmarks of hue-man sacrifice and paedophilia are still practised by the religious elite, it comes as no surprise, that the age of consent for sex in the Vatican city, is 12 yrs old. This means that until 2013, it was legal for Vatican priests to has sex with children. This 'consent law' went viral on the internet and forced the Vatican to change its laws. Whatever the age for consent, the priests are supposed to be celibate...


The custom in Europe was to behead enemies. The Europeans passed laws during the early colonisation of America to pay bounty hunters to kill, behead and scalp ‘Native American Indian’ men, women and children. 125 million people were slaughtered in the Western Hemisphere, the victims were entirely innocent and had committed no crimes. Cash or Indian-head-coins were paid for their heads. Today’s US 5 cent piece with the Indian head was designed to honour this program. Initially, the authorities asked for the heads of Indians but the Europeans killed so many, the loads were too heavy to carry. This is the reason why they changed to 'collecting scalps' to ensure the killings continued. Although the natives were falsely stereotyped as blood-thirsty savages, it was actually the other way around. They made 500 Western movies to give modern Americans the Hollywood version of the early European colonisers, as if they were on some kind of Odyssey exploring a hostile landscape. When most of them were Crypto-Jews from the expelled Spanish colonies in 1492 - masquerading as Christians, which is why vampirism, cannibalism and slavery was rife. It's also one of the reasons why Jews today have complete control over American politics, their his-story in America begins with Columbus [The Jew and colon-iser].


Historians and scholars now admit that Christopher Columbus [Cristobal Colon-iser] was a 'Crypto-Jew pretending to be a Catholic' - he stated in his memoirs that he wanted to find a homeland for the Jews when they were expelled from the Spanish colonies in 1492 Columbus miraculously [sarcasm] - 'discovered' the Americas in the very same year 1492.

The natives were falsely stereotyped as blood-thirsty savages. While it was the colonisers who survived via cannibalism and slavery. Payment for Indian heads and scalps created wealthy entrepreneurs and families who are still the ruling elite in US and Canada today - Crypto-Jews.

Governor Kieft of New Netherlands made the first payment for Indian scalps in the 1660s. By 1702 Massachusetts offered $6 for each Indian scalp. In 1756 Governor Morris of Pennsylvania offered ‘130 Pieces of Eight [type of coin] for the Scalp of Every Male Indian Enemy, above the Age of Twelve Years’ and ‘50 for the Scalp of Every Indian Woman’. Today’s genocide is disguised as Bill C-45 and other Admiralty statute laws to eliminate Natives ‘legally’. Massachusetts increased its payments to 40 pounds for a male, 20 for females and children under 12 years old. It was difficult to tell a man’s scalp from a woman’s, or an adult’s from a child’s – or that of an enemy from a peaceful Indian. Bounties lead to widespread violence against any Indigenous person, male or female, young or old. The European elite have always done this, accused indigenous peoples of the very crimes they are committing themselves to ensure that their own people turn a Christian ‘blind eye’. They are still doing this today to Native Americans and blaming Mexican drug cartels...

...William Marr coined the term, 'ANTI-SEMITISM' in 1879 so that Ashke-nazi Jews could bully and harass anyone who denied they were from the Middle-East or challenged their behaviour towards the non-Jews. Ashke-nazi Jews also have a long his-story of slaughtering and enslaving the real biblical Israelites in an effort to replace them. They fear the Hebrew prophecies and writings of the ancients which reveal a life-span of 6,000 years for their DNA, they fear genetic annihilation, which drives them towards the psychotic destruction of everyone else. [Google, 'the Sampson Option', regarding Israeli policy in case anyone attacks them] - in short, '..If we go down, we take the world with us...


Religions are used to make shekels from the Goyim and as a means to call upon ‘holy wars’ [mass ritual, sacrifice and cannibalism/vampirism] and to control the masses - just as Constantine, the Druid had done. Historians can never get their heads around the fact that the worst barbarians in his-story such as Hitler [Crypto-Jew] were also Christian but it’s not so difficult to understand when you know that they were also predators/vampires/cannibals/yahoo’s who were hiding behind religion in order to give them access to wholesale slaughter and wars.

The similarities between Christian and vampiric culture virtually go hand in hand; the resurrection of the dead, the special feasting of Christ’s body the drinking of blood, torture [of Christ] and so on. The Vampire folklore of Europe is no different from Christian mythology. Its also noteworthy that few Christians understand the Ashke-nazi hatred for them in particular and there has been mass ritual slaughtering of Christians historically by Jews, which is also expressed in their Talmud - the Satanic verses...

The Old Testament appears to be based on the military conquests of a psychopathic race [Ashkenazi’s] who concealed their identity by taking on the identity of those they conquered. It was the Moors who first brought ancient Egyptian texts to Europe and the Khazars were so impressed with the idea of a ‘chosen race’ – they adopted a watered down version of it for themselves..."