Tuesday, August 5, 2014


ATTENTION: LOOKING FOR CYTOTEC INDUCTION STORIES. We are gathering as many stories as we can from women/families from all over the world who have had complications during their induced labor with Cytotec. If you know someone or you are that person, please email the details of your story along with contact info such as email and phone to


This drug is not approved by the FDA for induction of labor. It is often used off label for inducing labor and can cause life threatening complications. Cytotec can cause fetal and/or maternal death, uterine hyper stimulation which can negatively affect the blood supply to the fetus and increases the risk of complications such as uterine rupture leading to death or hysterectomy. Other complications include amniotic fluid embolism to the brain, again, another life threatening complication.

It is time for our stories to be heard and for something to be done. All over the world, more and more doctors are using this drug for the softening of the cervix and induction of labor. I was induced with Cytotec. My uterus hyper stimulated and tore from top to bottom in the front and in the back. My uterine rupture caused the death of my daughter Meah. My life was threatened as I almost bled to death. I was advised never to attempt to have another child.

The label for Cytotec lists a contraindication that it should not be used on pregnant women. In August 2000, due to increase of "off label" usage, Searle (the manufacturer of Cytotec) distributed a letter warning against the use of misoprostol in pregnant women. In addition to citing the abortifacient nature of the drug, the letter cited reports of uterine rupture and death associated with using misoprostol to induce labor.

I believe women must know that these complications have occurred and are occurring. Woman must demand that by law, there must be informed consent for the use of this drug for off label use in pregnant women. Had I known the risks associated with this drug, I never ever would have given my consent for this drug to be used on me.

Lets face it, the company warns against it's use and clearly states that it could be life threatening. So why is it being used? It's time for us to share our stories… there are too many of us who have suffered. There are too many stories of death, life threatening complications and birth trauma. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN, PLEASE SHARE ON YOUR WALL… I only wish I knew then what I know now… the hundreds of stories of women who have suffered because they were never told the risks! Here is a link to the warning label should you wish to further investigate. We are sharing the stories with major TV, Radio producers and also with newspapers and magazines who are all interested in hearing our stories. Now is the time, we have tv, radio and print media ready and willing to listen and share! Thank you!!!



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Tina Klonaris-Robinson