Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Totally worth listening to!!!

Operation "Defensive Edge" is a WAR CRIME! - Max Igan - Truth Frequency Radio - 07/14/14

"I think Zionism is a psychic pathogen. I think it’s a mental disease that causes people to believe they’re better than everyone else and they kill everybody else who disagrees with them and it also makes them want to go out and steal countries. I think it’s a pathogen personally. But Zionism is the problem. The religious aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict come solely from the Israeli side because of the Jewish supremacist system. And when you look at the bible ---- the bible is a very, very dark book. There’s not a lot of happiness in the bible. You don’t see a lot of happy stories. Just a lot of bad stuff. A lot of really, really depressing stuff in the bible. And if you look at the Israeli culture – what they’ve set up is a Zionist education system and they actually teach people that the bible is a history book. And they learn the bible from when they start school until when they graduate. And they learn it as history. And that’s what they believe. They fully believe it. And this breeds a sociopathic mentality into the people. Unfortunately it does. I mean we’ve seen people sitting on hilltops eating popcorn and drinking beers, watching bombs go off in Gaza and cheering while these babies and children are being blown up. We’re seeing one of the lawmakers in Israel – a woman no less, a beautiful woman, a mother, a giver of life – say that Palestinian mothers need to be killed because all they do is give birth to little snakes. So we need to kill all the Palestinian mothers and their little snake children… We’ve seen Israeli children writing on bombs – “love from Israel” – knowing that the bombs are going to go and blow up Palestinian kids. Now the mere fact that a child would think of doing something like that is because the child has been bred to think from a sociopathic perspective and have a complete disregard for any life that does not follow the Judaic principles. That, my friend, is not a sane society.”
-- Max Igan