Saturday, July 26, 2014


In our satanic-infested culture, we are forced to live in a world of opposites where we are told -- often through "scientific research" -- that what is harmful for us is good for us and what is good for us is harmful for us. In this upside-down world, we learn that cuddling is a dangerous activity as it causes "discomfort in the neck, shoulder, [and] arms" as well as "poor circulation, sore muscles, fatigue, stiffness, numbness, cramping" and more. Also we are told that cuddling causes "nerve, muscle, tissue, and joint damage" and that a great way to avoid all of these harms is by using the "cuddle cradle."

Furthermore, we are informed through the patent of this wonderful technology ( that this toxic piece of rubbish "promotes a genuine sense of closeness between two individuals," despite the fact that, when we look at the video below, it is clear to see that these children are NOT connecting with their "caregivers" but instead appear to be dissociated.

Please note that causing children to dissociate is a primary goal of the dark ones because dissociated children are more easy to mind-control. However when we break free from the mind-control and turn things around, we can see things for what they really are. There is no "cuddling" possible with this ridiculous contraption as it makes real human contact impossible. Sensory deprivation -- i.e., preventing skin-to-skin contact, no breast-feeding, no human touch whatsoever -- will result in brain damage.


Cuddle Cradle by Baby Brezza

7/29/14 UPDATE

Well friends -- it appears this blog entry is a big hit and there are those who are a little perturbed about the popularity of this post. So in order to exercise some spin control, the dark ones have done a very interesting thing. Please take a look at the video just above and notice that the arrow is now over to the right of the video -- directly over the baby's face. This arrow was in the center of the video the other day -- and I am quite sure of this because I distinctly remember thinking about the misery on the baby's (and the "mother's") face and how interesting it was that youtube happened to make that very spot the thumbnail picture.

I don't know how they did it -- but they moved that arrow. And the reason they moved it is so that YOU would be deceived.

Committed as I am to exposing these dirtbags, I decided to exercise a little spin control of my own. So I took a few screenshots during the video and have posted them below so that you can see not only the misery on the baby's face, but also the absolute blank, staring-off-into-space and refusal to look at their "caregivers" that every one of these children is displaying in this short video. This children's faces say it all. Disassociation abounds. The adults in this video cannot be trusted and these children are not safe in their hands.