Saturday, June 21, 2014


I find this video very upsetting. And the idiotic comments about "how precious" this is really disturb me. Please watch (under 2 minutes) and see for yourself. And as you watch, please note how desperately this baby tries to cling to its mother, despite the fact that mother is completely unresponsive to the baby. This is a mother who "delivered" via cesarean surgery. She is incapacitated, both mentally and physically. The baby clings desperately to her face as he/she recognizes that this is "mother" by her smell. In this case, "mother" cannot behave like a mother. Because of the drugs, she is perhaps paralyzed. And she is not in her right mind. So the bond between mother and child will be FOREVER undermined. And the imprinted memory for this child will include terror about why mother is not responding and whether she might be dead. There might also be the feeling that mom will never be able to respond to the child's needs and will not be there to protect him/her either. This is extremely, extremely sad. Naturally, medical personnel are going against their own humanity in taking this child away from its mother and they, too, will suffer immense spiritual harm from their wrongdoing. It's a fucking nightmare really. And it happens every single day to thousands (or perhaps millions) of children around the world. And we wonder why humanity is so screwed up.

the most beautiful miracle

Source Article:
Newborn Clinging To Mother's Face After Birth Epitomizes The Bond Between Mother And Child

The indestructible bond between mother and baby has just appeared in a video.

In a clip that surfaced on YouTube last week, a newborn clings to his mother's face shortly after birth. The infant refuses to let go and protests loudly and definitely when a hospital worker tries to pull the baby away.

The new mother appears to have just given birth via caesarean section, and the attendant seems to be holding the newborn near the mother's face so she can see her child for the first time -- and feel the first embrace. In keeping with most hospital procedure, the baby will likely be whisked away for evaluation.