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Science is a cover for satanic ritual abuse and torture and other nasty works coming from the dark side.

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The Children of Table 34

"Science was a cover for pedophilia predation and for teaching and encouraging predation as a positive, “healthy” alternative form of adult-child “love” – even as Kinsey himself defined these acts as causing children to scream, convulse, faint, and respond with violence.

Somehow no one in our American courts, media, or other academic institutions noticed that there was no reporting on the children afterward.

What’s more, when sex and pain are fused together in the brain at a young age, sometimes the powerful sex drive for the rest of one’s life triggers a corresponding requirement for pain, creating another potential sadomasochist, who can meet their needs most easily with more children. The behavior is repeated through the generations, increasing in numbers. (Those who don’t fuse their pain and sex brain patterns may often split their minds instead, creating a different dysfunctional problem.)...

How or Where are the children today? I offer two theories.

The first is that someone noticed that the traumatized children soon became dissociative (“multiple personalities”) and switched “alters” (alternate personalities) when faced with the trauma of adult-forced sex, which allowed them to be used very easily from that point on – and some were funneled conveniently into mind control projects.

(The US government’s MKULTRA project began just three years after Kinsey’s research began.)

Second, it’s quite possible that the dissociation wasn’t discovered, but had been well understood as a result of young sexual trauma and was the intention..."

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ALFRED KINSEY - Kinsey syndrome- Warning Disturbing Adult content

"Of children, he said 100% are orgasmic from birth, therefore
- Children can benefit from sex with adults and even incest.
- Children need early, explicit, school sex education since they're sexual from birth.
- Children need masturbation and hetero and homosexual acts to be taught to them.

Part of Kinsey's defense of pedophiles was that children were not really harmed by sexual contact with adults, therefore it made no sense to incarcerate pedophiles for lengthy prison terms...

1950 - As Reisman noted, the Modern Penal Code was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation. Not coincidentally, the Rockefeller Foundation also financed the research of Alfred Kinsey...

The late Norman Dodd was the director of research for the Reese Committee. In an interview recorded shortly before his death, Dodd stated that part of what the Committee had learned was that the objective of the great foundations was to remove America from the values on which she was built and to do so through the education system.

'What we had uncovered was the determination of these large endowed foundations -- this Carnegie endowment story, and the Ford Foundation and the Guggenhiem and the Rockefeller Foundation all working in harmony toward the control of education in the United States...'

According to the Reese Committee, the postmodern thinking in America today is no mere accident but has been intentionally created by the elite foundations as part of a greater agenda...

Kinsey defined orgasm for pre-adolescent children with the following description... 'A gradual, and sometimes prolonged, build-up to orgasm which involves still more violent convulsions of the whole body.. heavy breathing, groaning, sobbing, or more violent cries, sometimes with an abundance of tears (especially among younger children)...'

[Kinsey] had six categories.... of orgasm.... and included in these categories of what he calls an orgasm were screaming, writhing in pain, hysterics (especially among younger children). He said that the children had convulsions... He said they fainted. He said they struck the partner... this is the man who's raping the child -- they struck the partner and tried to get away... and he said that those were all examples for him of orgasm...

Kinsey made it clear that this data was supplied by adult observers who were defined as pedophiles by Kinsey's own team members... Kinsey wrote '...some males suffer excruciating pain and may scream... The males in the present group -- by which he meant pre-adolescent boys -- become similarly hypersensitive before the arrival of actual orgasm, will fight away from the partner and may make violent attempts to avoid climax... although, he said, they derive definite pleasure from the situation.'...

Kinsey's own sadomasochistic tendencies have been documented by a number of biographers. James Jones revealed that Kinsey once climbed into a bathtub and circumcised himself with a pocket knife without the benefit of anesthesia. Another account of Kinsey's extreme self-abuse came about when his research was under investigation. Jones reports that after the Rockefeller Foundation withdrew his funding, Kinsey went to a basement, tied one end of a rope to an exposed ceiling pipe and the other end around his scrotum... then stood on a chair and jumped off...

Some have considered the possibility that Aleister Crowley was another of Kinsey's pedophiles who kept his diaries as part of Kinsey's sex research. 'I would be surprised if Kinsey were not, in fact, either paying or communicating with Crowley regarding his sex diaries because Crowley was more open and more public with his sexual exploits than pretty much anybody at the time. He was known as the wickedest man on the Earth long before Kinsey would have gone to him. He was far more accessible than, say, a Nazi officer in Germany to Kinsey and... at the same time, Crowley could have used the money. In the 1940s, he wasn't as rich... and so he would have been more open to that. And then to see that Kinsey was actually reading Crowley's stuff -- we know that from Pomeroy -- it would be hard to believe that he wasn't already working with Crowley and encouraging Crowley to continue on with his sexual exploits. One way or another, the net effect is the same. Kinsey was fostering much of the same revolution that Crowley had begun over in England and was helping continue what Crowley hoped would take place in the United States of America.

[Regarding the soft porn industry that was emerging and citing Kinsey's work as their foundation, Dr. Judith Reisman said]...You're going to have to have an increase in sexual crimes by children against children and by adults against children. You cannot do the kind of programming of people's brains, minds, memories, bodies -- the connection between the brain goes all the way down from the retina all the way down the central nervous system and into genitals -- you can't show people those kind of pictures and arouse them that way and not think that they're going to act out either positively on somebody who agrees or negatively on somebody who doesn't agree. That's what's going to happen. And you simply can't do that to billions of people at one time -- to masses of the population.

In her Department of Justice study, Dr. Reisman revealed that from 1953 to 1982, Playboy, and eventually Penthouse and Hustler magazines, had published approximately 9,000 images of children involved in sexual scenarios -- an average of about 8-9 images per issue.

'And I showed the development of the child in those images -- in cartoons, in photographs, in the use of the child as a sexual object by the observer, the viewer, and I said -- your average guy thinks he's buying a girlie magazine -- you know a magazine that's just pictures of pretty girls -- and he has no idea that the messages that are being pumped into him neurophysiologically if you will -- all the way down and through his system -- include images of the sexual assault of children. He as the viewer becomes the predator. That's just the way the human brain works...

There was never any science in all of this. It's got nothing to do with science. It's always been political. It's all been people's own sexual perversions that have driven them. And now that drives those sexual perversions into the school in the form of sex education curriculum...

Dr. Reisman has, for years, argued against the harmful impact of the sex industry on America's children. Many of the Phds who teach in our universities have not only been associated with the Journal of Pedophilia but have also served as board members for pornographic magazines like Penthouse Forum. These are the people who have designed the programs for sex education in America. Because Kinsey chose to define the pain and suffering of abused children as orgasm, he then argued that children were sexual from birth and should be taught about having sex as soon a possible. While most who promote the programs probably don't know it, this thinking is what lies behind the idea of teaching sex education to kindergartners...

Consider again this image of a teacher showing what appears to be 6 and 7-year-old girls how to use a condom. Who will this 7-year-old be using a condom with? When you consider that the Phds who have designed these programs openly support the pedophile philosophy, we can only wonder -- is sex education really intended to protect America's children? -- Or to condition them for seduction at the hands of a child molester."