Thursday, June 26, 2014


I wonder if cytotec was used during this birth and whether it is responsible for killing this mom. C-section was done completely unnecessarily because baby was breech. And a life has been taken and lives have been harmed and this poor little baby will live without his mother and may even feel responsible for her death. How utterly said. A true tragedy.

BTW - cytotec is known to cause uterine rupture. The drug is killing women and babies around the globe and is being used not just off-label but AGAINST label, and should be banned.

Source Article:
Just hours after this photo was taken, happy new mum Lisa Parkisson was dead.

"This is a picture of 35-year-old Lisa Parkisson, minutes after giving birth to her son, Zac, via C-section.

The photo was taken in the early hours of Saturday morning at the Royal Oldham Hospital in the UK and Lisa was said to be “over the moon” with her beautiful new baby.

Just hours after this photo was taken, happy new mum Lisa Parkisson was dead.

But just two days later, Lisa’s family recieved a call that would change their lives. Lisa was dead.

Lisa had complained of a terrible headache in the hours following her son’s birth. But hospital staff put it down to her high blood pressure and there was no indication that anything else was physically wrong.

“She was so, so happy, the happiest we had ever seen her with Zac in her arms. She was beaming,” Lisa’s mum Judith told The Manchester Evening News. “She was saying ‘just look at him, he’s perfect. I will have that memory of her for the rest of my life and that will be a comfort to us.

“We want answers about what happened. She was a beautiful light, so funny, so warm, so kind and loved. And now that light has gone out,” Judith said.

Understandably this distraught family want to know how they’ve gone from joyously celebrating a new birth to grieving for their lost loved one and her boy, who will now grow up without a mum. This from The Daily Mail:

Ms Parkisson’s sister Ally Ziemniak, 40, said: ‘They said a midwife had gone into check at 8.30am and noticed something wasn’t right and they tried to resuscitate her but couldn’t.

‘She was in bed, there was blood everywhere, it was so terrible.’

Ms Parkisson went into labour on Friday evening and was admitted to hospital on Saturday, where staff found her baby was breech.

Lisa’s partner Chris told the Manchester Evening News: “I loved Lisa so much and she loved me. I am numb about what’s happened…. We will always talk about her to Zac, he will know everything about his mum.”

Baby Zac is reportedly still at the hospital while the family deal with the tragedy, but is doing well.

Our thoughts are with Lisa’s family at this terrible time."