Thursday, May 29, 2014


This video explains what happens to a baby during a partial-birth abortion. In a nutshell, the baby is literally pulled out of the womb, feet first, after which it's arms and torso are also pulled out -- as can be seen in the image below. While its head is still inside the mother's body and the baby is still very much alive and moving, the "doctors" take a sharp, pointy, scissor-like instrument and jam it into the base of the baby's skull. They then ram it all the way up into the baby's brain and open the scissor and close it to destroy the brain matter of the child. If the baby does not die from this, they will then insert a vacuum tube into the hole they just created and literally suck out the baby's brain. This "procedure" is done at any age gestation but is likely more common during late-stage abortions.

There can be no doubt that abortion is one of the most sadistic and evil actions that humans have ever engaged in. There are huge spiritual consequences to what we are doing.

Partial-Birth Abortion Procedure With Real Instruments