Friday, May 16, 2014


Very few people are willing to acknowledge the elephant in the living room. The real reason massive numbers of American women and babies are dying during childbirth is because HOSPITAL BIRTH IS INCREDIBLY VIOLENT AND HARMFUL AND THE RITUAL USE OF TECHNOLOGICAL INTERVENTIONS IS KILLING WOMEN AND BABIES!!! These interventions include, but are not limited to, induction, cytotec, pitocin, epidural, episiotomy, c-section, immediate clamping of the umbilical cord, circumcision, vaccination, and so many other mean-spirited and vile "procedures" that are too numerous to list. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! AMERICAN HOSPITALS ARE AN INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS PLACE TO GIVE BIRTH. DO YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY A FAVOR. STAY HOME!!!!

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U.S. Maternal Death Rate Is Rising

New study reports that the US is one of only eight countries where maternal deaths are rising, placing the US at #60 behind 59 countries with better maternal health outcomes.

New data published in The Lancet this week places the US in an elite category, but one we have no business being in. The US now ranks at #60 in terms of maternal mortality, falling from our previous ranking of #50. While the maternal mortality rate is slowly decreasing in most parts of the world (albeit way too slowly to meet MDG 5’s goal of 75% reduction by 2015), the rate of maternal deaths in the US is rising and more women are dying from pregnancy and childbirth-related causes now than they were in 2003. That increase contrasts sharply with most other countries including east Asia and Latin American which are experiencing decreases in maternal deaths.

According to the Lancet, between 2003 and 2013, only eight countries had increases in their maternal mortality rates: Afghanistan, Belize, El Salvador, Guinea-Bissau, Greece, Seychelles, South Sudan, and the USA. While the number of mothers dying is considerably smaller in the US (18.5 deaths/100,000 live births) than in these other 7 countries (956.8 deaths in South Sudan for instance), the fact remains that we’re not meeting the needs of American mothers.

Why are more American women dying?

According to this report, some of the increase may be due to changes in the way maternal deaths are reported. We’re now including maternal deaths up to a year after birth. While better reporting is a positive change, researchers also say though that many maternal deaths still go unreported or are attributed to other causes, which indicates that the actual number of American women dying from maternal health-related causes is larger than 18.5 deaths/100,000.

They say the increase can be attributed in part to women having poor access to healthcare and more women entering pregnancy with complicating health conditions like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. We know from other studies that an increasing number of maternal deaths can also be attributed to over use of Cesarean section, which can cause placental complications in future pregnancies, hemorrhage and sepsis (infection). We also know that suicide remains a leading cause of maternal deaths, which indicates we’re not addressing mothers’ mental health needs either.

The answer to the question of why more mothers are dying is complicated and elusive and no single solution will turn this trend around. It’s become clear though that we need to take a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to solving US maternal health problems that includes improving healthcare and women’s health before, during and after pregnancy. While we’re discouraged the US maternal mortality rate is going in the wrong direction, we’re grateful that studies like this shine a light on the problem and help us to clarify what needs to be done to save lives.