Thursday, May 8, 2014


Common core poster hanging on the wall of a 6th grade classroom in the southern US. How many parents of an 11 or 12 year old think this is OK? We need a fucking revolution in this country.

New Hampshire Dad Arrested For Protesting Graphic Sex Novel Required Reading For Students

Schools Sexualizing Youth--Father upset- School's sexual education poster

This needs to be shared EVERYWHERE so that American parents can see how their children's sexuality is being manipulated by the dark side. The father of a 14-year-old tried to voice his outrage about the ASSIGNED READING OF A RAPE SCENE TO HIS DAUGHTER. Please note that this vile and disgusting sexual scene was published on page 313 of the assigned text. 313 is a well-known favorite occult number and the fact that the scene appears on this page indicates THAT THE DARK ONES ARE USING THIS DISGUSTING SEXUAL MATERIAL TO NEGATIVELY INFLUENCE THE ENTIRE MORPHOGENETIC GRID. If the dark ones have it their way, all of human sexuality will begin expressing itself this way. And we are already very close to complete disaster. Very few people realize the negative way they are using their "sexual energy" (i.e. their life-creating potential) or that they have directed it in service to the dark side. But you know we are wallowing in the muck and the mire when you observe that we are a culture replete with abortion, sexually-transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancies, billions of unwanted children, fatherless children, single parents, infidelity, marital breakdown, divorce, and much more. We are doing something (actually many things) very wrong.

It is shocking and appalling to me that the other parents in this video sat there like terrified children instead of rising up against this piece of shit copper and the sleezebags he is protecting. WHY DID THESE PARENTS NOT TAKE A STAND AND SAY ENOUGH? HOW MUCH FILTH AND SMUT WILL PARENTS ALLOW TO BE FORCE-FED AND INJECTED INTO THEIR CHILDREN BEFORE THEY TAKE A STAND?

Read the rape scene below -- from a book that was assigned reading -- and then you tell me -- would you like your budding 14-year-old to be forming their sexual identity based on this satanic expression of human sexuality?

It's absolutely fucking outrageous.

“‘Relax,’ Matt murmured, and then he sank his teeth into her shoulder. He pinned her hands over her head and ground his hips against hers. She could feel his erection, hot against her stomach.

” … She couldn’t remember ever feeling so heavy, as if her heart were beating between her legs. She clawed at Matt’s back to bring him closer.

“‘Yeah,’ he groaned, and her pushed her thighs apart. And then suddenly Matt was inside her, pumping so hard that she scooted backward on the carpet, burning the backs of her legs. … (H)e clamped his hand over her mouth and drove harder and harder until Josie felt him come.

“Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.”

You'd Be In Cuffs Too If Your 14-Year-Old Brought Home This Book

Raw video: Man arrested at Gilford school board meeting