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By Roger North

Part of the Agenda 21 and Biodiversity treaties call for a massive reduction in population. This has been well documented. This “cull” is intended to reduce the world population to as little as 500 million. Since there are currently over 7 billion people, we are talking about a MASSIVE reduction in population to put it mildly.

One of the ways that they are planning on carrying out this evil is by getting rid of the elderly. Not only that, but impoverishing them along the way and making sure that they transfer as little as possible of their wealth to their children and grandchildren. Once again, this is part of the Agenda 21/ “Hunger Games” society where the vast majority live in utter poverty.

In fact, this part of the plan is well under way. Further, this holocaust has long been planned. To quote Dr. Richard Day, National Medical Director of Planned Parenthood, speaking to a group of pediatricians in 1969: “limiting access to affordable medical care makes eliminating elderly easier”. Further, this plan is being implemented globally.

One example, of many, of this is in the United Kingdom where they used to have so-called “Liverpool Care Pathway”. This is where doctors can secretly declare a patient to be terminal and then withhold all food and water until they die. Further, the doctors are given INCENTIVES to do this. They make money off of declaring their elderly patients to be terminal.

All this is done without telling the family anything. Needless to say, in many cases the diagnosis is bogus. There have been cases where the family got wind of this and prevented it from happening and the supposedly terminally ill patient lived many years more. Make no mistake, this has not gone away. They simply changed the name to hide their evil better.

Quite simply, the medical system is DESIGNED to systematically take everything from the elderly. It is literally designed to take all of their money, to destroy their bonds with their family and friends, to take away their hope and finally their lives. It literally drives many of them insane in the process. It destroys the will to live in many of them. I have seen this first hand many times and it is not a pretty sight.

Why do I say it is being done systematically? Because it is built into the protocols themselves, the procedures that the health care workers and other involved with the system must follow to keep their jobs. The system is designed to produce these outcomes. It is BUILT into the very “legal” and the medical systems. It is BUILT into the laws themselves.

I realize this is hard to believe so let’s look at how it is specifically done. First, Let’s look at how it is done “legally”.
When you sign the admitting papers at a nursing home (or a hospital for that matter), the patient is basically abdicating all their rights and allowing “whatever the medical team deems necessary” to be done to them. READ THE FINE PRINT! It is all right there.

If the patient is quite wealthy, they will be given a drug cocktail which turns them into zombies. They will then be ruled “incompetent”, and a guardian ad litem will be appointed that will take control of all their assets; sell their homes and belongings, wipe out their bank accounts, and pay themselves and various predators for any “service” they can think of until every dime is gone. If a family member tries to stop this, they will be deemed a “danger” to their loved one, and denied any access or visitation. The patient will be told that their family member doesn’t care about them as a reason why visits have stopped. Needless to say, this causes immense trauma to their elderly victim. They often do such things as file a divorce on behalf of their victim without their knowledge or consent.

Not surprisingly, the Orwellian named “Child Protective Services” often does the same thing to their young victims. This is also part of Agenda 21. After all, Agenda 21 is about destroying the family. In order to destroy the family you have to do it both ways- destroying the bonds of the elderly with their adult children and parents with their young children.

This financial parasitism of the elderly has been thoroughly researched by Marti Oakley ( It can be unbelievably lucrative for the judges, guardians and others involved in the fraud. In one case the “guardian” stole more than $49 million from their victim. They are systematic in their theft by making sure that they first know of all assets of their elderly victims.

The first thing these “guardians” do is declare their victim a ward of the court. Once this is done, the “ward” is no longer considered to be human. Their name is never used in any legal proceedings involving them although they have to pay for EVERYTHING if they have the money. They pay for all court costs, all “legal” costs, etc. They don’t get to address the court. They have no rights – other than the “right” to be robbed blind.

They keep them alive as long as they have good insurance; when that runs out or when the estate is dried up, the outright murder by medicine ramps up. An example of this is a story that Dr. Rebecca Carley ( told about a Long Island couple where the husband was intentionally given mismatched blood during a blood transfusion, a common way they eliminate the elderly. Others are killed off through vaccines and overdosing them on pain medication.

Oftentimes they move them around to different facilities and/ or change their diagnosis so they can keep up their billing their insurance. As the insurers can pass the costs onto the general public in higher premiums we all pay for this. That is why they put up with it.

There is a group of parasite doctors, the worst of the worst, who prey on the elderly at nursing homes and hospitals and pick them up as their “patients”. They are called hospitaliers. These bottom dwellers appoint themselves “attending physicians” and basically have total control over their “patients”. You can’t fire these parasites, as most doctors don’t have “visitation rights” once the patient is admitted and the hospitalier has taken control.

The hospitalier will order every test under the sun covered by the elderly patient’s insurance, especially daily blood tests resulting in anemia and subsequent blood transfusions when the insurance is used up (one of the most efficient methods of killing these elderly patients). Needless to say, true alternative care practitioners will never get in the door; not even a vitamin will be allowed to be given to these medical captives. “Nutrition” consists of red or green jello.

These hospitaliers (who are MD’s that can’t get a job anywhere else) get rich off of this. They “follow” the patients when they get transferred into nursing homes and make a “cash run” where they see each for 5 minutes, prescribe some new drug and collect $200 a person for their “services”. $1,200 for half an hour’s “work”. Quick, dirty, easy money.

Frequently, these “doctors” engage in massive insurance fraud. Marti Oakley tells of one case where the insurance company was billed 8 times for the same procedure at the same time. A medically unnecessary procedure that killed the man! When this was pointed out, the authorities looked the other way because the doctor are carrying out the eugenics program of the system.

To get into a nursing home, a “financial snapshot” is done. If a financial gift has been given to a family member in the past 3 years (for college or whatever), that it will have to be GIVEN BACK.

Now let’s look at how the health of the patients is destroyed.

Patients in nursing homes are routinely given yearly flu and pneumonia shots which contain aluminum and mercury, which cause Alzheimer’s. Suddenly the parent/ grandparent doesn’t remember his children/ grandchildren. This often destroys the family bonds. As these vaccines are known to contain these chemicals, this is done on purpose.

Most of the “diagnostic tests” have dangerous side effects in themselves. For example, they do daily blood draws on their elderly patients which often leads to anemia. They then “solve” this problem that they have created by giving them blood transfusions, a very dangerous procedure. Mismatches in blood can lead to heart attacks.

They literally put DOZENS of different drugs in them. For example, Coumadin, a RAT POISON, is given as a “blood thinner”. As stated before, the “nutrition” at hospitals and nursing homes is a joke. It is full of GMOs, pesticides, larvacides, etc. Also, as it is invariably conventionally grown so that it has a minimum of vitamins and minerals. I once talked to a so-called “nutritionist” at a Nursing Home and I had to tell her what “organic” meant. It was surreal.

Further, both the patient and the family are kept in ignorance of any alternatives. “”Informed consent” is nonexistent. The true dangers of what they do are never revealed, and there is NO discussion of “alternatives”. Only big pharma treatments are allowed. They ban supplements / nutritional products on the pretext that they interfere with the medicines. Relatives who bring them in can get in real trouble for doing so.
Even if you seek out an “integrated/ complementary” medical practitioner it is usually a scam. They are just conventional doctors that give a few vitamins in addition to big pharma. It is a marketing gimmick.

As bad as all this is it gets even worse. The patients are often made to unnecessarily suffer. This is also done in many ways.
For example, once they are on a ventilator it is basically over, as it is almost impossible for an elderly person to be weaned off a ventilator. They are doing this to maximize the insurance payout and make sure they never escape except to the morgue. Being on a ventilator is extremely painful for the patient. The intubation itself is like being “raped in the throat”; and if it is done with no medication to relax the patient, the stress of intubation itself can cause a massive heart attack.

Another example is what happens in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The patients become totally disoriented when in ICU by the 24/7 bright lights, which destroys the sleep wakefulness cycle. Also, every 2 hours they are turned over supposedly to prevent bedsores. The fact that their sleep is regularly interrupted causes further delirium. Many go insane as a result of this.

Lastly, if you try to stop the evil they will call the cops on you, and you could be banished from the hospital (therefore prevented from further witnessing and documenting the murder by medicine). The authorities will do nothing to stop it. Dr. Rebecca Carley saw this happen to a Long Island man she was trying to help.


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About the Author

Roger North is the host of the internet radio show “Great Info to Know” located at . His show takes on many controversial subjects such as mind control, Satanism and the New World Order.

Mr. North has spent over 20 years in sales and marketing for various high tech companies, mostly small start ups. Mr. North lives in Los Angeles, California area. He has a BS in Physics from the University of Arizona and a MBA from Cal State University, Long Beach with an emphasis in Marketing.

Roger has an eclectic background reflecting his intense curiosity. He enjoys reading, especially about marketing, mathematics and natural science. He also enjoys hiking in nature.

Mr. North’s interest in the subject of how eugenics affects the elderly comes from his experiences with his mother. His mother died in February, 2010 after spending the last 13 months of her life in a variety of nursing homes and hospitals. During this time, unbeknownst to him at the time, he saw the real nature of the elite’s plans to deal with the elderly.

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