Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Dear friends -- I am reaching out to you today to enlist your support. This is the first time I have ever written a blog like this one, but the need is great, and so I am humbling myself in order to ask for your help. I have been working for many months and years now, doing what I think is increasingly meaningful and important work. Yet, despite my efforts to change the world for the better -- and despite many attempts to "monetize" some of the things that I share -- the truth is, I have no source of regular income and there is very little money coming in at this time. As a result, I am having trouble meeting my basic needs.

And so I am asking for your help. If you are in a financial position to lend a hand and/or if you feel inspired by anything that I have shared on my TV or radio shows or on my website or blog, please consider making a donation today. Any amount that you can comfortably give would truly help me get through this difficult time and I would be most grateful.

Donations can be made by clicking on the donate button below and I thank you so much for your support.

FYI- I have endeavored to make a short list of some of the projects I am currently working on -- all of which can be supported through your donations. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering making a donation today.

1. I have been creating a very powerful, weekly television show that airs on The People’s Voice ( every Thursday at 5pm US eastern. During these shows I have interviewed some of the most important whistleblowers that I am aware of, all of whom are speaking out about various forms of evil that reside in the Vatican, the medical system, the pharmaceutical industry, the media, the American government, and much, much more. Please feel free to check out my shows on my youtube channel at: and if you like what you see, consider donating today.

2. In addition to my television shows, I have also been doing weekly radio shows that air on Freedomizer Radio ( every Wednesday from 4:30-6pm US eastern. I have interviewed incredible people on my radio shows and would delight in sharing these interviews with you in mp3 form. Should you have an interest to listen to any of my past shows, just drop me a line and I will forward the mp3 file to you for your listening pleasure. (FYI, I am seeking help to turn these mp3 files into youtube videos. If anyone would like to help me with this project, please drop me a line --

3. In addition to all of my TV and radio shows, I have also begun to work closely with Kevin Annett ( For the past several weeks, I have been focusing a good amount of attention on creating a common law court to tackle the issue of chemtrails and global ecocide through nuclear radiation. The research required to collect evidence against the people who are behind these evils (both the ones who are doing it and the ones who are funding it) is extensive. But I am moving forward nonetheless and actively seeking people who would like to participate in the court as citizen jurors or in some other capacity. If you have an interest to participate in this historical common law court case, please drop me an email and let me know of your interest. My email address is

4. For more than 10 years, I have been working with colonies of homeless cats. I have been feeding them, getting them to the vet if they are ill, helping to build structures that will provide them with shelter, taking them into my home in order to nurse them back to health, and even trapping them, when necessary, in order to get them spayed and neutered. I do whatever I can to share love with these animals in an attempt to make their lives easier and more comfortable. My work in this area has been especially important during this frigid geo-engineered winter.

5. I recently volunteered to create a website for my friend, Susan Bradley. I absolutely love what Susan does and the gifts that she shares, so I instinctively offered to support her work by building her a website. I am most pleased with how beautiful it looks! Please check it out when you have a chance and I think you’ll agree – it’s quite nice!!! FYI – I am available to build websites and blogs for reasonable rates. If you or anyone you know needs a website or blog, please give me a shout.

6. I have also been keeping this outstanding blog, which has received almost 1.5 million hits so far and which gets, on average, 1500+ views per day. Keeping this blog current requires time and dedication and I do it not just for myself, but for all of you. So if you like the information you have found here, please consider making a donation today.

And even if you just think I am a wonderful person, please make a donation today! From my heart, it would mean so much.

Thank you!