Saturday, February 15, 2014


Well, well, well -- whaddya know! THE RABIES VACCINE IS CAUSING RABIES IN CATS!!!

Well done Big Pharma! Bravo! You are doing such great work in service to our satanic-infested culture of death.

Source Article:
Vaccine-induced rabies in four cats


Vaccine-induced rabies in 4 cats was characterized by rigid posterior paralysis. In 3 cats, paralysis began in 1 hindlimb and rapidly spread to the other hindlimb. Later, forelimb and cranial nerve deficits were noticed. Onset of clinical signs was 13 to 17 days after IM vaccination with an ERA-strain modified live-virus rabies vaccine approved for use in cats. Each cat eventually was euthanatized. In each case, brain tissue was found to contain rabies virus on fluorescent antibody and mouse inoculation studies. An antibody titer and mouse inoculation studies. An antibody titer against rabies virus was found in the CSF of 1 cat. In each case, viral isolates were shown to be of an ERA strain rather than natural ("street") rabies