Sunday, December 8, 2013


Japan Nuclear Radiation In Hawaii Milk A Total Of 2033% Above Federal Drinking Water Limits

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Fukushima: Hawaii & Arizona Dairy Milk Test Up To 800% Higher Than Safe Limits

"Radiation levels in US food seem to rising gradually ever since 3/11/2011. "New EPA milk samples in Hawaii show radiation in milk at up to 800% above limits for C-134, 633% above limits for C-137 and 600% above EPA maximum for I-131 for a total of 2033%, or 20.33 times, above the federal drinking water limits. These levels have been rising ever since the Fukushima accident, and show no signs of stopping.

Dr. Conrad Miller MD reports on these elevated radiation in milk readings..

Hilo, Hawaii Milk 6X Above Acceptable Radioactive Levels, Fukushima Still Leaking

New readings have also been posted for Phoenix AZ with milk being above the federal limit and Los Angeles with milk being slightly below the limit for Iodine.

Montpelier VT milk has tested positive for radioactive CS-137, above about 2/3rds the EPA maximum and Spokane WA milk testing less than half the limit for i-131." Source; video above.

According to the mass media, the Fukushima crisis is over and done with, but for some strange reason, neutral observers are reporting that things seem to be getting worse, not better. Here is a report about radiation levels spiking higher than ever before, as recently as May 24, 2012. Radiation readings jumped up to 100 CPM in high altitude locations in the Rockies, where the jet stream was located.

This radiation from Fukushima comes down with the rain and settles in the grass and other plants. Repeated over time, it matches what researchers are seeing below with increased levels of radiation in milk, animals, fruit and vegetables, as well as drinking water.

In the few tests that have been done in the USA, radiation is showing up... Southern California had 2,500 Bq/kg of iodine-131 in seaweed — Over 500% higher than other tests in U.S., Canada. March 30th, 2012

Hawaii dairy farmers fight radiation by feeding boron to cows, goats

Radioactive Strontium Found in Hawaii Milk April 27, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area milk shows highest Iodine-131 found in U.S. since the Fukushima crisis began April 20, 2011

Top Hawaii health official calls out Forbes’ journalist for reporting Hilo milk exceeds EPA radiation level… then admits he is “technically correct” April 12, 2011

Cesium and iodine both at least 600% above EPA’s maximum contaminant level in Hawaii milk April 11, 2011

Amount of radiation in 3 gallons of milk from Hilo, Hawaii surpasses annual maximum contaminant level set by EPA April 11, 2011

People in areas along Canada’s Pacific coast want to gather seaweed but don’t know if it’s safe April 9, 2011

Vancouver, Canada radiation tests show iodine-131 in rainwater at almost 100 times above US drinking water limit April 8, 2011

Vancouver seaweed 4 times higher than international limit for iodine-131 in food by March 28 — Levels increasing April 5, 2011"