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The only other time I have heard of a woman being consumed by flesh eating bacteria after giving birth in a hospital is due to the fact that THEY DECIDED TO SLICE OPEN HER PERINEUM for no other reason other than that they are scissor-happy, knife-weilding psychopaths who take great pleasure in the mutilation of the human body.

As can be seen from the video at the bottom of this article, this is not the first time a woman has gone to a hospital to give birth and woken up with no arms or legs. There appears to be a repetitive and sadistic ritual taking place and it is nothing less than a form of serial abuse.


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Woman Becomes Quadruple Amputee After Giving Birth

January 2006
"ORLANDO, Fla. —
A Sanford mother says she will never be able to hold her newborn because an Orlando hospital performed a life-altering surgery and, she claims, the hospital refuses to explain why they left her as a multiple amputee.

The woman filed a complaint against Orlando Regional Healthcare Systems, she said, because they won't tell her exactly what happened. The hospital maintains the woman wants to know information that would violate other patients' rights.

Claudia Mejia gave birth eight and a half months ago at Orlando Regional South Seminole. She was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orlando where her arms and legs were amputated. She was told she had streptococcus, a flesh eating bacteria, and toxic shock syndrome, but no further explanation was given.

The hospital, in a letter, wrote that if she wanted to find out exactly what happened, she would have to sue them.

Email News Sign-Up Multiple Choices - Auto sign-up (LEFT ALIGN) GET WFTV NEWS HEADLINES BY EMAIL 9 a.m. Headlines Noon Headlines 4 p.m. Headlines News of the Strange Breaking News Alerts "I want to know what happened. I went to deliver my baby and I came out like this," Mejia said.

Mejia said after she gave birth to Mathew last spring, she was kept in the hospital with complications. Twelve days after giving birth at Orlando Regional South Seminole hospital, she was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center where she became a quadruple amputee. Now she can not care for or hold her baby.

"Yeah, I want to pick him up. He wants me to pick him up. I can't. I want to, but I can't," she said. "Woke up from surgery and I had no arms and no legs. No one told me anything. My arms and legs were just gone."

Her 7-year-old son, Jorge, asks his mother over and over what happened to her. Neither she nor her husband has the answer.

"I love her, so I'll always stick with her and take it a day at a time myself," said her husband, Tim Edwards.

The couple wants to know how she caught streptococcus, during labor or after. She doesn't know. She knows she didn't leave the hospital the same.

"And why, I want to know why this happened," she said.

Her attorney, Judy Hyman wrote ORHS a letter saying, according to the Florida statute, "The Patients Right To Know About Adverse Medical Incidents Act," the hospital must give her the records.

"When the statute is named 'Patients Right To Know,' I don't know how it could be clearer," Hyman said.

The hospital's lawyers wrote back, "Ms. Mejia's request may require legal resolution." In other words, according to their interpretation of the law, Mejia has to sue them to get information about herself.

That's the sticking point, the interpretation of the Patients Right To Know act, a constitutional amendment Florida voters passed a little more than a year ago.

Mejia's other attorney, E. Clay Parker, said the hospital is not following the law

"We were forced to file this and ask a judge to interpret the constitutional amendment and do right," Parker said.

Mejia hopes the right thing is done. She said not knowing exactly why it happened is unbearable. She only hopes she'll be able to soon answer her little boy's question, 'What happened?'

"He told me everyday, 'What happened,' and I don't have any answers for that," she said.

ORMC said Mejia is requesting information on if there were other patients or someone on her floor with the streptococcus. They said, if they release that to her, that would be a violation of other patients' rights."

May 2009
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Woman Who Lost Arms, Legs to Flesh-Eating Bacteria Settles Lawsuit

After 4 years of trying to get some compension the wait is finally over. However regardless of the settlement amount the damage has been done.

SANFORD, Florida — A woman who became infected with flesh-eating bacteria after giving birth, leading to the amputation of her arms and legs, has settled her lawsuit against the central Florida hospital.

Court records show that 27-year-old Claudia Mejia Edwards, of Sanford, will receive an undisclosed sum from Orlando Health.

Edwards’ attorney confirmed the settlement Monday but wouldn’t comment on the amount.

Edwards was admitted to Orlando Regional South Seminole Hospital in Longwood on April 28, 2005, and gave birth to her son, Matthew. Fever set in over the next few hours, and her conditioned worsened over the next couple days. Doctors eventually concluded her body was being attacked by Group A Streptococcal infection. They amputated all four limbs, hoping to save her life.

SOURCE: Florida Woman Gives Birth-Loses Limbs - Comic Book Resources Forums

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