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Rockefeller Medicine


“The balance of medical power remained equal until the turn of the century. Then, new medical treatments emerged that were potentially very profitable. The AMA joined with strong financial forces to transform medicine into an industry. The fortunes of Carnegie, Morgan, and Rockefeller financed surgery, radiation, and synthetic drugs. They were to become the economic foundations of the new medical economy...

‘The takeover of the medical industry was accomplished by the takeover of the medical schools. Well – the people that we’re talking about – Rockefeller and Carnegie, in particular – came to the picture and said “we will put up money.” They offered tremendous amounts of money to the schools that would agree to cooperate with them. The donor said to the schools… “we’re giving you all this money. Now, would it be too much to ask if we could put some of our people on your Board of Directors to see that our money is being spent wisely?” Almost overnight, all of the major universities received large grants from these sources and also accepted one, two, or three of these people that I mentioned on their Board of Directors. And the schools literally were taken over by the financial interests that put up the money… Now, what happened as a result of that is that the schools did receive an infusion of money. They were able to build new buildings. They were able to add expensive equipment to their laboratories. They were able to hire top-notch teachers. But at the same time as doing that, they skewed the whole thing in the direction of pharmaceutical drugs. That was the efficiency in philanthropy. The doctors from that point forward in history would be taught pharmaceutical drugs. All of the great teaching institutions of America were captured by the pharmaceutical interests in this fashion. And it’s amazing how little money it took to do it.’ --- G. Edward Griffin

"[T]he Rockefellers and others who own the banks who print the money, continue to expand and expand and expand their wealth even as the people on the lowest economic rung of American society continue to fall ever downwards. Again, this is a ridiculous system that could not have developed in any other way but through the careful machinations of an institution like the Rockefeller Foundation and the people who were steering it at the time – not necessarily the Rockefeller family so much as people like Frederick Gates, who was an interesting character…. People like that very much helped to shape this idea of philanthropy as a tool for social control…”

“…[W]e can document and look at how the monopolization of health care services in the United States has again furthered the Rockefeller cartel interests – this time in the Rockefeller drug empire and the pharmaceutical industry that is related to it. But, I think we also have to understand that there is something deeper behind this – an agenda that goes beyond the mere profit motive. Because it is something of a truism that once we get into the rarified part of the economic stratosphere that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and the other .001% of the elite reside in where they not only have access to unlimited amounts of wealth, but access to the processes by which that wealth is created and/or destroyed – i.e., the banks themselves, that create the money out of thin air. I think we understand that profit in and of itself isn’t a motivating, driving factor for David Rockefeller and others of the world. There has to be something more fundamental at base and, as I’ve made the point many, many times on this podcast and the interviews that I do, I think at the end of the day this is not about money. This is about power… And this power is being wielded for a specific purpose. The driving, motivating ideology of these cartel families – and one that has motivated them demonstrably for generations – which is to say eugenics and depopulation...

"In 1952, John D. III founded the Population Council, an organization dedicated to promoting the now debunked fear that overpopulation would ravage the Earth and cause mass death by the year 2000…. In the 60s, the Rockefellers funded the WHO-administered task force on vaccines for fertility regulation that developed anti-fertility vaccines – a task force that eventually succeeded in developing an anti HCG vaccine that caused spontaneous abortions in vaccinated women. In the 90s, WHO administered tetanus vaccine programs and multiple countries were racked with scandal when it was discovered that vaccines were laced with HCG and causing spontaneous abortions in the third world populations who were being unknowingly injected with them. David Rockefeller continues to promulgate the same overpopulation fear-mongering, always framing the problem so as to posit the United Nations is the only solution, without noting the UN was built on land donated by his family on the ashes of the League of Nations, an organization founded by Rockefellers and their family allies. Last year, David Rockefeller hosted a meeting of billionaires including Ted Turner, George Soros, Bill Gates, and others, at which they concluded that overpopulation was the world’s most pressing problem.

‘The Rockefeller foundation gives grants to Planned Parenthood, the Population Council, and others. You can see here, in 1997 they did a study actually giving fertility control agents to the people in India. Here is the research grant in action. And if you remember, just a minute ago I talked about the Population Council, these people are getting money from the Rockefeller Foundation. They said mass use of fertility control agent by government to regulate births at an acceptable level. This is actually here -- once again -- public information by the Population Council from 1969.’
DECLASSIFIED: Population Reduction By Government. Vaccines. Forced Sterilization

‘The overall Rockefeller goal… well, they say in part, ‘science would eventually come to control the fundamental processes of biology…’ They literally want to control the entire cycle of life – from birth to death, and everything in between. They want to control hormones. They want to control glands. They want to control genes. They have no limit to what they intend to accomplish, and all their funding towards genetic research and more has been part of this goal. It was part of their ultimate means of social control and social engineering – eugenics.’
Rockefeller's Double Game in GMO Foods and Depopulation

There is a guiding, motivating, driving ideology behind these 0.001% economic elites – the powers that shouldn’t be. It is the desire to get rid of you and me and the people around us from the gene pool so that they and their progeny can survive into the future… This is the real underlying reality behind the modern American health-care system and the problems that we see developing out of it. And it’s not problems that are going to be fixed by some manna from heaven, Affordable Care Act, or anything that is launched or initiated or spear-headed by the bought-and-paid-for executive branch or the bought-and-paid-for legislature or upheld in the Supreme Court by the bought-and-paid-for judicial branch of the US government… because this is the system that has been engineered carefully over the course of generations and shaped by the Rockefeller Foundation and other very special interests who literally control the access to resources on the planet…”


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