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Wow! It doesn't take much these days for me to break down crying, and this is one of those moments.

Dairy cows typically spend their lives imprisoned. They are repeatedly raped through artificial insemination and kept in a state of perpetual pregnancy and birth. They have their babies stolen from them (which causes them deep, deep, and repeated emotional grief), so that their milk can be used for human consumption. Their babies are turned into dairy cows if they are female, or are completely abandoned and left to die if they are male, to be turned into "veal."

Drinking the milk or eating cheese made from animals who suffer this way and are grieving is not only a heinous crime against Creation, but insane. And it is made even more evil by the fact that, after decades of forced servitude, these loving and gentle animals are typically slaughtered without so much as a thank you.

That is why we need to spread the word when we learn about people like this -- people who truly understand and care for God's creations. The heavens rejoice when something like this happens, and these cows are rejoicing too! What a beautiful sight.

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Heart-Warming Video: Cows Finally Set Free
August 23, 2013 by Arjun Walia

This is a heart warming video of cows that were set free after a long winter season. Cows should be free to roam in large fields, and be completely free. Looking at the emotional response of excitement in this video is very heart warming. Although it’s nice that science has finally recognized the consciousness of animals, it’s something we already recognize from the first time we interact with an animal. Not everything needs to be “proven” by science in order to validate it as truth. A lot of information science has yet to confirm is already known inside of us and just plain obvious, we’ve just forgotten how to listen to listen to our hearts. All animals are emotional beings who feel no less than we do. Looking into the modern day meat industry can be heart breaking, the way we treat animals here on planet Earth, if you see it with your own eyes will leave you speechless. The time when humans look upon the murder of animals as they do the murder of men and women is fast approaching. This is not natural, it’s not needed, it doesn’t have to be this way and it doesn’t resonate with the heart of many.

The reaction they give as a result of freedom is something that will warm your heart. Often we view cows as emotionless, lifeless animals. This notion couldn’t be farther from the truth, they are no different from us. Billions of animals are killed every year, it’s completely unnecessary.

The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as now they look upon the murder of humans– Leonardo Da Vinci

"happy Cows" Kuhrettung Rhein Berg english subtitles

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