Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It has a been a month of extreme police brutality! Time to disarm the cops and start admitting own up to the fact taht they are working for the dark side.

Source Article:
Video Shows Henderson Police and Nevada Highway Patrol Joining Together To Beat Man In Diabetic Shock

"As a one time resident of Las Vegas, I try to stay up to date on the criminal justice goings on in my former home of Clark County. Luckily, the police watchdog blog Clark County Criminal Cops monitors incidents of officer misconduct in the Southern Nevada area — disgusting incidents like this one that came across my Google Reader a few days ago (video below):

For nearly four months both the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Henderson Police Department denied the public access to a videotape capturing officers from both agencies ruthlessly beating Adam Greene and then callously laughing about how unnecessary it was to use so many officers to subdue an unconscious suspect.

Greene, who doesn’t remember the beating was suffering from diabetic shock when he lost control of his vehicle at the intersection of Boulder Highway and Lake Mead. When Greene did not respond to officer commands, they operated under their default programming that all citizens are a threat and need to be dealt with a rush of force and violence from all involved, including “Johnny Come Lately,” Henderson Sgt. Brett Seekatz, who doesn’t let his tardiness deprive him of the opportunity to land five cowardly kicks to Greene’s head.

Henderson, NV Cops Beat Man in Diabetic Shock, Kick Him in Face