Saturday, June 29, 2013


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'Supporting the troops' is supporting your own destruction

By Lisa Guliani

"If you 'support the troops' in terms of supporting their rape and murder of people who did us no harm, then you support your own destruction. It's that simple. If you REALLY support the troops, you'll do what you can to spread awareness about what it is they're really fighting for...
If you really 'supported the troops', you would be asking questions as to why they're being misused, set up, and shipped off to foreign lands to fight, die and kill masses of innocent human beings (many of whom are being murdered and remain unidentified, for example, in Pakistan) without any verifiable supporting evidence that there is a genuine need to do so. The government has NOT proven any of its allegations (as usual), yet you still 'support the troops'?

Let's please remember that these men were not drafted into service. They were coaxed, courted and cajoled, and basically enticed by offers of money and 'college education' and illusions of 'heroism and patriotism and 'national service'. In other words, a carrot was dangled in front of them and they took the bait.

How can you say you support the troops when the troops are engaged in the outright murder of people who have never done a damn thing to the American people OR the U.S. government? It makes ZERO sense.

They are not protecting our 'freedoms' here at home, because, in case you haven't noticed, as the deployment of US troops overseas has increased over the past 10 years, that list of 'freedoms' has grown shorter and shorter. Do you think there is a connection?

So what actual 'service' are our troops performing?

They are enforcing pathological mass murder campaigns conceived, designed and orchestrated by psychopaths for purposes revolving more around achieving total power and control over peoples' lives, as well as their land and resources, in every nation around the globe, including in the USA.

The objective is not to 'keep America safe', but to keep the interests, investments, and goals of the psychopaths in power SAFE FROM AMERICANS and all normal people around the world.

You cannot, in my opinion, sincerely and honestly support the troops and what they're doing around the world, and also support human rights for all people. If you say you support 'America' when you cheer for the troops, then to me you're painting a picture of an America that thrives on hate, calculated, cold-blooded killing of innocents, and illegal occupation and invasion under the guise of protection from UNPROVEN 'terror threats' and maintaining a false sense of 'security'.

How can we, as a nation of alleged human rights supporters, people who BELIEVE in human rights (supposedly), turn around and cheer for a military under the guidance of psychopaths, many of whom in the regular rank-and-file have also been behaving like psychopaths themselves, violating the human rights of other people who have done us no harm and no wrong?

What does that say about YOU and the troops you 'support' if you endorse all of the above?

It's not just the people at the top of the military who need to be held accountable for their own actions, but every man and woman who participates in this national AND human disgrace.

You can justify this 'support' all you want, but when all is said and done, innocent human beings have been murdered and continue to be murdered - and if you justify this in any way, in any context, in shades of red, white and blue (or any other color), it seems to me you've been disarmed of both your mind and your conscience.

Our troops have no business whatsoever invading other countries, stealing their resources, or killing their people - anywhere. Yet that is precisely what they are doing, and have been doing for over 100 years.

These actions certainly would NOT be tolerated or sanctioned HERE, and yet, so many condemn the citizens of other nations for simply DEFENDING themselves against illegal invasion and occupation. Why is this?

We would defend our families, friends, neighborhoods, communities, resources and land under the same circumstances too, wouldn't we?

Or would we?

And, if your beloved troops are 'lucky enough' to return home NOT in a body bag after serving tours of duty for psychopaths who see and use them as nothing more than expendable pawns for advancing foreign and domestic policy that violates the rights of people all around the world, if they're fortunate enough to heal from the trauma so many of them experience while serving psychopaths, if they're mentally and emotionally intact enough to NOT feel compelled to further poison their broken bodies with prescribed psychiatric medications, and to rebuild their lives without actually committing suicide, or killing a family member in the process, then yeah, I guess they're 'lucky'. They're certainly way luckier than all the innocent people they've killed and all the survivors whose families and lives they've helped destroy. By that measure, I'd say the live soldier returning home is, indeed, very 'lucky'.

US war vets protesting the occupation of Iraq in 2008.
Because the 'government' that shipped him over there really doesn't give a rat's ass whether he comes home or not. Better if he does not, if you're the government, since they really don't want to have to deliver on all the empty promises they made to get you suckers to sign up in the first place.

It might also be worth considering that, whether our soldiers come home alive or not, there should not be this DEMAND, this EXPECTATION, this patriotic EDICT, that the rest of us should 'respect' what they've done during their 'service' and what they continue to do.

If they placed themselves in a TRAP by voluntarily signing up and allowing others to disarm them of their consciences, they did so by their own hand.

The modern day soldier cannot say he was 'drafted'. He can say he allowed himself to be CONNED.

There should be no expectation that the rest of us should 'salute', 'thank' or honor them with free perks when they go shopping, etc.

How can any person with a conscience look closely, honestly, and objectively at what these soldiers have done, and continue to do, and then turn around and say 'Thank you for your service'?

This is our national disgrace. That we honor the murderer - as long as the national colors are right - we honor the 'homeland defenders' - as long as the 'homeland' remains the one chosen for us by psychopaths, and the 'defenders' are our 'own sons and daughters', regardless of what it is they're actually 'doing'. They're one of 'us', so it's okay, right?

This sanction and blanket blessing given to the troops is beyond disgusting, beyond obscene. Moreover, it has long since gone past being a national disgrace.

It is an epic and symbolic failing of the majority of American people who continue to remain silent except when 'supporting the troops', a failure to stand up and walk the talk of their own supposed core belief system (we believe in human rights, don't we?), and a failure to apply basic human rights to all people, everywhere - not just to ourselves.

We were meant to evolve. This is not evolution.

This is devolution.

And I don't support, salute or thank the troops for what they're doing, even though I too, don't want too see them die in bogus, mislabeled 'wars'.

So far, what this endless war based upon lies has taught me is that we have failed not only as Americans, but as a species.

And really, as I see it, if you've already been disarmed of your conscience and your mind, you have no business holding a gun and preaching about the 2nd amendment.

Everyone has a right to self-defense.

Not just Americans, not just 'Israel'.

Human rights apply to all people, everywhere. If you would have freedom for yourself, you must defend it for all others.

Either we truly know and feel that, or we don't.

If we do know it, perhaps we should behave as if we do and stop supporting - and saluting - psychopaths, their mass murder campaigns and the expendable pawns who are set up to carry them out. "