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Hospitals are are places of death, toxicity, extreme trauma: the most unsafe place to give birth.

‘Informed’ consent to subdue to a procedure like inducing birth, is mind control. All birth protocols are aimed at altering the baby, altering the human ability to bond. We are always recreating our trauma…

As a baby we are forming our bodies in our mother’s electrochemical ‘soup’. All events and emotions are being experienced by the baby. Trauma is recapitulating all the time. Until we heal the cause.
Bring our conscious awareness to the wounds of our birth and heal the origins of the pattern before conception of our children.

Holistic healing modalities like Jin Shin, EFT, and Watsu are methods working with our cellular memory of trauma.

Smoking mother: imprint of deprivation, asthma… Message that we are not wanted, trouble breathing, smoking addiction (sucking back the pain).
Toxic womb shock.

Spiritual warfare.
Lucifer is the mastermind behind the artificial technological world.
Mutating the masterful beautiful creation. Destroyers of the Creator’s Works.
In our original coding we are the pinnacle of Creation.

Evil forces are trying to keep us in our mutated state….
Nuclear radiation, Fukushima, purposefully created by HAARP through an artifical earthquake.
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program,
Frequencies keep us under constant threat, in hyper state of agitation: limbic system is not developed properly, our frontal cortex is stymied.
No contact with the divine source…
Bible crap. Demonic god demanding human and animal sacrifices.

We are participating in the satanic agenda when we eat GMO food, shoot vaccines,
ENGLISH overview of EU vaccines, manufacturers, tissue cultures, pathogenic strains, ingredients, adjuvants.
NB: This document will be updated with any new important facts

Monsanto (MonSatan), Round-up, causing male infertility. Owned by Pfizer.

Our own immune system is being weaponized against us.

We use only a very small portion of our brain.
There is no ‘junk DNA’.

All the information of what you think is in your sperm.
Fathers have a special responsibility.
You are being manipulated to act from very base carnal impulses,

Something happens on the moment of conscious conception, that will never repeat itself.

Dr. Richard Day in 1969 on the New World World Order

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Eating meat is a satanic ritual: eating the blood and body parts of a sacrificed animal that has been imprisoned, tortured, mutilated, and murdered

For info on the satanic consumption of blood:

Trauma based mind control: disassociate, primal split, because it hurts

Vaccination: making the body inhospitable for the soul

All hospital birth protocols aimed at inflicting pain repeatedly on the baby (trauma based mind control), and at undermining human love.
– Sonograms, (whales beach themselves when the marine is doing similar tests in the ocean).
– Normal birth: baby signals, mother starts making the necessary chemicals.
– Induction… Baby gets the message s/he is not in charge of its own destiny.
– Amniotomy: Breaking the water. Protects the baby from the intensity of contractions.

- Fetal heart monitor screwed into the baby’s soft spot (seat of transmissions from the divine mind). Screw pulling an tugging with every contraction.
– Synthetic oxytocin (pitocin): mother’s ability undermined in powerful contractions, bonding, breastfeeding. Mothers not producing oxytocin: no bonding at birth. Child negatively programmed. Unnatural and intense contractions. No rest in between. Uterus is a trash compactor.
– Cytotec used off label to enhance induction procedure, ripening the uterus,doing extreme harm and pain.
– Remifentanil: opiate resulting in a confused, disoriented baby.
– Epidural: anesthesia introduced in between the vertebrae. Mother cannot move, cannot help the baby being born. The natural opiates are not forthcoming. Mothers may not feel anything, the baby is feeling all the more pain. She is strapped, laying down, which is narrowing her pelvis. Now the baby has no help, is completely abandoned, knowing there is something out there that is dangerous.
– Pitocin: “Pit to distress”: causing a C section.
– C section: compounding the imprint of being helpless, someone outside has to do it for me, no victory of life.
– Clamping too early: one third of the baby’s blood stays behind in the placenta.
– Eye drops for baby, prevents eye contact with parents, prevents bonding and the activating of the capacity for love.
If this neurobiology is not activated at birth, if this does not happen.
– Vitamin K, anaphylactic shock.
– Baby gets wrapped in a blanket full of chemicals, the swaddling creates parasympathetic shock (freezing, playing dead).
– Baby boy, circumcision: strapped on a board, his penis will be made erect, the foreskin will be sliced off in parts for the next 7 minutes. Can’t fight, can’t flee, just freeze. Baby’s die from heart attacks, hemorrhaging. Rabbi’s will suck the blood from the cut penis. – Circumcision is satanic sexual torture. Men’s capacity to love is severely compromised. Never safe enough to be intimate. Fathers going into hospital for their baby’s birth, their body remembers the ordeal, they cannot protect while his baby and wife are being abused.

- Postpartum depression: If you cannot bond with your baby, your body thinks that the baby is dead.
– Mothers eating their baby’s placenta (life force) is satanic!
– Natural oxytocin: hormone of well being and love, creating good contractions.
Contractions massage all the systems and organs in the baby’s body (butterfly)
– In a natural birth, fulfillment of human love, the family has a memory that can keep the family together for life…
– Skin to skin contact and smell are the primary means for the love beginning to occur.
– In Bali the fathers look after the placenta. Baby and placenta have a very deep relationship.
– Foreskin meeting the internal part of the vagina: man can love and bond with the woman
who’s body he is entering.

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