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March 24, 2013

To Fellow Birth Workers and all who Care About Children

I am writing today to share some very sad news with you that I think is pertinent for all of us to understand, especially those who are trained and/or certified by DONA.

DONA recently saw fit to publish an article about circumcision as a "feature story" in their publication. Written by an OB who obviously generates financial benefits from "performing" circumcisions, the article contains a photo of a screaming baby boy being forcefully held down by two adult men, one of whom is smirking, obviously pleased with what is happening (see photo below). The other adult male in the photo appears to be a rabbi, and he is ritually sexually torturing the baby and mutilating the baby boy's penis, slicing off the most sensitive part of that penis -- something that can never be undone. (See bottom of this blog for pics of full article)

The photo obviously depicts the serial sexual abuse of children. If it were a picture of a young girl being held down by two adult men having her clitoris removed, there would be lawsuits. Yet despite the obvious violence and sexual assault being depicted, DONA published it anyway, along with a bunch of misleading statements and outright lies that imply that what is being done to that poor baby is somehow beneficial for the child. At no time did DONA mention the long-term, severe and irreversible harm caused by infant circumcision including, but not limited to, bonding problems, breastfeeding problems, sleep problems, eating problems, urinary problems, bleeding problems, heart failure, (and these are just to name a few things that can happen to the the infant) -- and later in life, a higher risk of HIV, personality trait disorders, difficulty with intimacy, and severe sexual problems including erectile dysfunction, impotence, and more.

When doulas from around the world tried to express their discontent on DONA's facebook page, they were silenced and shunned by DONA administrators who frantically busied themselves deleting posts, threads, and even people.

It is ironic that while DONA was busying itself publishing this nasty and misleading article about circumcision (and deleting every word of outrage that doulas expressed), a baby died as a result of being circumcised. The poor baby bled to death -- which is one of those "rare" complications that occur after circumcision which, by the way, is most often performed on infants without the benefit of anesthesia. If you would like to read more about the death of this innocent child, please follow this link:

Circumcision Takes Another Life

Please keep in mind that death from circumcision is not uncommon, and that approximately one baby dies every two days in the U.S. alone from this medically unnecessary surgery.

Circumcision Causes the Death of Approximately 1 Child Every 2 Days

You should also know that babies have died in New York (and several others have gotten brain damage) after being the victims of a Jewish blood-sucking circumcision ritual during which the rabbi, who happens to have herpes, passes the herpes on to the infant while sucking the blood off of the mutilated penis.

This is not a joke. This is really happening.

Health Board Votes to Regulate Jewish Circumcision Ritual

Infant Dies After Contracting Herpes in Jewish Blood-Sucking Circumcision Ritual

Why Rabbis Must Suck the Blood of a Circumcised Penis

After reviewing the above, and the links I will share with you below, I hope you will agree that DONA needs to hear from us to let them know we do not support what they have done. If you agree, please send your letters to,,, and

Also, if you are as outraged as I am, I encourage you to walk away from DONA for good, and never look back. There are plenty of other organizations to receive training and certification through, so let's stop supporting this spineless organization that is attempting to prevent public discussion about the article and cover themselves by saying the article "does not necessarily reflect their thoughts about circumcision."

Also, we should be very leery of DONA's insistence that doulas should support women in whatever choices women make for their births. This bogus teaching is especially dangerous in light of the fact that women are making choices every day that are extremely harmful to their babies. If we support women knowing that what they are doing can hurt their children, then we are colluding in the evil.

It is time to bring this profession into integrity. Please write to DONA today and if you are as sickened as I am at what they have done, walk away for good.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Attached are pictures of the article that DONA published as well as links to articles about the long-term, irreversible harm of infant circumcision. This information should have been provided for you by the organization that claims to be educating you about how to support families. But since they will never provide it, I will.

Please note, that all articles came from different sources, but have been posted on my blog. If you would like more information about circumcision, please go to my blog and type the word "circumcision" in the search engine on the right. Dozens of articles will appear.

Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.
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Empowering Men During the Childbearing Year

Jewish Mother Speaks Out About Circumcision

Male Circumcision Causes Sexual Difficulties for Men and their Female Partners

Study Links Circumcision to Personality Trait Disorder

Infant Circumcision Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Male Circumcision Leads to a Bad Sex Life

Circumcision Does Not Prevent HIV

HIV Rate Higher Amongst Circumcised Men

Update – March 25, 2013

It has come to my attention that DONA International has issued an apology for printing the offensive article. I have printed the content of their apology below. My personal feeling is that DONA has issued this apology not because they have any moral concerns whatsoever about circumcision, but because they are concerned with their bottom line. In other words, DONA is apologizing for the article because they realize that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of doulas will no longer be willing to train or certify with them. They are doing what they can to exercise damage control.

Again I will repeat – SHAME ON YOU DONA!!! Even in your apology you have refused to take a stand against the serial sexual abuse of children.

DONA apology

The full board of directors of DONA International has now reviewed the circumcision article that appeared in the most recent edition of the International Doula. After review, we clearly recognize that the article was neither accurate nor balanced. This was not a good decision-making tool for doulas to share with parents, as suggested in the article. As doulas, we support families in making their own informed choices on this and every other issue. In making those choices, families deserve evidence-based, balanced information. We deeply regret and apologize that this article was published. It did not live up to our own high standards and we are making changes to ensure better processes in the future. We welcome respectful and professional conversation on this issue.