Sunday, March 10, 2013


We all know Bill Gates is a psychopath, bent on "depopulation" and the elimination of 90% of the world's population through vaccine-causing infertility and death, pharmaceutical drugs, and abortion, but how many knew that he was a major player in the spraying of our skies worldwide with toxic heavy metals and viruses?

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Big names behind US push for geoengineering

"...Their specially convened taskforce is, in fact, the cream of the emerging science and military-led geoengineering lobby with a few neutrals chucked in to give it an air of political sobriety. It includes former ambassadors, an assistant secretary of state, academics, and a chief US climate negotiator.

Notable among the group is David Whelan, a man who spent years in the US defence department working on the stealth bomber and nuclear weapons and who now leads a group of people as Boeing's chief scientist working on "ways to find new solutions to world's most challenging problems".

There are signs of cross US-UK pollination – one member of the taskforce is John Shepherd, who recently wrote for the Guardian: "I've concluded that geoengineering research – and I emphasise the term research – is, sadly, necessary." But he cautioned: "what we really need is more and better information. The only way to get that information is through appropriate research."

It also includes several of geoengineering's most powerful academic cheerleaders. Atmosphere scientist Ken Caldeira, from Stanford University, used to work at the National laboratory at Livermore with the people who developed the ill-fated "star wars" weapons. Together with David Keith, a researcher at the University of Calgary in Canada, who is also on the BPC panel, Caldeira manages billionaire Bill Gates's geoengineering research budget. Both scientists have patents pending on geoengineering processes and both were members of of the UK Royal Society's working group on geoengineering which in 2009 recommended more research. Meanwhile, Keith has a company developing a machine to suck CO2 out of the year and Caldeira has patented ideas to stop hurricanes forming.

In sum, this coalition of US expertise is a group of people which smell vast potential future profits for their institutions and companies in geo-engineering..."

And what's in those wonderful chemtrails? From a doctor that is treating chemtrails pilots...

In addition to aluminum, "...Barium salts are in chemtrails. There are 10,000 times more toxic to your nervous system than lead. They contain micro-bacteria, psudeo-viruses.... and human plasma..."