Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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Vatileaks to the Knights Templar: the Speculation, Gossip and Conspiracy About Pope Benedict’s Abdication

"...Last year's "Vatileaks" scandal, in which the pope's butler Paolo Gabriele provided Italian journalists with a number of confidential Vatican documents—revealing corruption, intrigue and infighting at the highest levels of the church. "Knowing that one of his closest aides had betrayed him must have left him very isolated and powerless. The Pope must have felt that power was slipping away from him, his power to govern," The Table editor Elena Curti told Metro. Did Vatileaks take down the pope? Or were the scandals it uncovered just a taste of what's to come—and is Benedict's abdication a preemptory move?

Benedict, who as a bishop prevented a convicted abuser from being defrocked, and as a cardinal asserted the church's right to secrecy in the face of assault allegations, spent much of his papacy passively facing increasingly widespread sexual assault revelations. Is it possible that more—and worse—revelations are coming? The new HBO documentary, Mea Maxima Culpa, which premiered last week, indicts Benedict and the Vatican he presided over: as filmmaker Alex Gibney told the Daily Beast, the case he explored "uncovered documents that lead straight to the top, straight to Joseph Ratzinger-then-cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict." Did Mea Maxima Culpa push the pope over the edge?..."