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In addition to all of the amazing information you will read below, it should be noted that breastmilk is LIVING food, whereas chemical and GMO-laden infant formula is DEAD food.

Breastmilk contains consciousness, and allows mothers to pass on all their knowledge about creation to their child through breastfeeding.

Infant formula, on the other hand, will not allow a transmission of information from mother to child, and will actually undermine the child's ability to understand Source and his/her natural place in creation. And because it contains genetically modified foods, it will also scramble the DNA of the child and undermine his/her full potential.

Also it should be noted that mothers can pass on their feelings through breastmilk, and breastmilk will change in consistency, taste and flow depending on how the mother is feeling. If the mother is feeling stressed, depressed, worried, or afraid, all of these feelings can alter her milk supply not only in taste, but also in texture, quantity, and quality.

If a mother cannot breastfeed for any reason, it is extremely beneficial to avoid infant formula and seek out a brestmilk donor through organizations like Human Milk 4 Human Babies or Eats on Feets.

By Hilary Butler - Wednesday, October 10, 2012
"Stem cells are a big deal.

And frankly, cord blood should not be stored, because the primary reason for stem cells in cord blood is that the baby NEEDS that stem cell transfusion at birth. It's not "medical waste" as it was once called, ... it's nature's first stem cell transfusion.....Baby's blood thickened with vitamin K, causes a situation where stem cells have to move through sludge, not nicely greased blood vessels full of blood which can allow stem cells easy acess to anywhere. Maybe one day it will dawn on the medical profession that not only are cord blood stem cells important and useful to the newborn baby, but that stem cells need thin blood for a reason.....breast milk has stem cells by the truck load. Even more spectacularly, these stem cells are identical to embryonic stem cells...

Breast milk is NOT just food.

Breast milk has functions which go far beyond nutrition.

Breast milk has a dramatic and long term effect not only on the immune system development, but gut flora, allergy, brain development, and other health parameters.

Breast milk is an immune regulator, a hormone conductor, a bone density wizard and a genetic blueprint scanner.

It is a gene methylator, and two years of breast milk lays, stabilised and solidifies the core genetic manual of health for your child, for that child’s whole life.

Add stem cells to that list."
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