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"The following Stories are *Proof* that The Creator of the *Age Defying Body* Lovingly Designed it with the ability to *Repair* and *Grow* New Adult Teeth as needed...even at Age 75, 95, 104!

The Creators Diet Instructions for Repairing and *Growing* New Teeth

The Creators *Garden of Eden* Diet Instructions given to Adam and Eve for them, their Children and Descendants of the Human Race were:
" You let it serve as Food...take Eat and LIVE Forever Young." Genesis 1:29; 3:22
(No Animal Products, Oils or Grains)

Jesus: "...Eat always from The Creators Table... (Vegetation, Fruit) which GIVE YOUTH and You will LIVE Forever...any other Instructions ("Eat Bread", "Eat Meat") are from Satan and leads by Disease to Death."
- Excerpts from "The Essene Gospel" in the Catholic Vatican Library in Rome

The Foods - Lovingly Created for the *Age Defying Body* were the "Garden of Eden" Foods: Fruits, Nuts, Greens, Vegetables. When those "Garden of Eden" Foods are Eaten, they Help the Body to Grow, Repair, Restore and Maintain Teeth in Perfect Condition, the Way they were Lovingly Designed to be.

Foods to Avoid: Animal/Dairy Products, Oils, Grain Products, Manufactured Foods and Drinks.
Those Foods and Drinks Cause the Body to Get Fat, Sick, Decay Teeth, Look Old.

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Success Stories - Cavities in Teeth Filled Naturally - After a Change in Diet

Sergei Boutenko (At Age 8) - Ashland, Oregon
Sergei is the Son of Victoria Boutenko, Author of, "The Raw Family", her book published in 2000. Sergi's story is on pages 23, 24. Website: Raw refers to Eating Fresh Fruit, Greens, Vegetables - The Creators *Garden of Eden* Diet Instructions at Genesis 1:29.

Sergei: "When I went on Raw Foods, I had 8 Fillings in my Teeth. I remember that when Mom was taking me to the Dentist to Fill Cavities, those Teeth were very Tender.
After I had Stayed on Raw Food for Some Months, the Fillings started to Pop out. I was Surprised my Teeth were Not Tender. Within Several Weeks, the Darkness in my Cavities began to Whiten, and Fill with Enamel. At First, the Enamel was Yellowish, then it Whitened, and then it Hardened.
Several Months Later, my Teeth were as if they never had Cavities....You cannot say which Tooth ever had a Cavity; they Restored Completely."

Sebastian Reed (At Age 32) Australia
Sebastian's story was in the April 2005 Newsletter published by Frederic Patenaude in Canada, telling what happened to him after Changing to the Raw Food Diet.

Sebastian: "I want to talk about Teeth...My Cavities are Filling, albeit slowly. One of my Teeth, which carried a high filling from 1985-2003, (the filling came out) is now almost perfect, and this tooth is the Standard that I am now aiming for with my others that are Healing (Filling)."

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Success Story - Gap in Teeth Closed Naturally - After a Change in Diet

Valya Boutenko (At Age 6) - Ashland, Oregon
Valya is the Sister of Sergi, his Story above.

Valya: "Before I went on Raw Food I had a Big Gap in Front between my Two Front Teeth. They Moved Together within the First Couple of Months."

UPDATE: 2004-2005
After Several Years on the Raw Food Diet, the Boutenko Family noticed their Teeth were getting Cavities. Victoria did Research and Discovered the Problem was a Lack of Greens in their Diet.
In 2005, Victoria published her book, "Greens for Life", recommending a "Green Smoothie" every day to Prevent Cavities.

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Success Stories - NEW Teeth Grown at Age 75 Naturally - After a Change in Diet

John Richter, Author, "Nature The Healer"
John Richter, along with his wife Vera, owned a Raw Food Cafe in Los Angeles, California from 1917 to 1942, and gave advice on the Raw Food Diet. *Raw* refers to *Fresh* Fruit, Greens, Vegetables.
In his book, "Nature The Healer", John wrote:
"In my practice, I have noted some splendid instances of Broken Teeth Growing Back to their Full Length without other aid than Natural Food...
I know of Men as old as 75 Years who have Grown Another Set of Teeth."

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Success Stories - NEW Teeth - Naturally Grown - At Ages 95, 104

Age 95 Vietnamese Man - Grew New Teeth
Nguyen Cong Du
In 1998 a local newspaper in the Phu Cu district of the Vietnamese province of Hong Yen reported that an Age 95 man had begun Growing New Teeth. The News agency "Reuters" picked up the article and published the story on September 10, 2001 in its news services.
After having lost all of his adult teeth over the prior 20 Years, Nguyen Cong Du unexpectedly grew 12 New Ones, Perfectly White, including Front Teeth and Molars.

Age 104 Russian Woman - Grew New Teeth
Maria Vasilyeva
The Moscow Times newspaper, February 5, 2001, published the Story of Maria in Tatarstan, Russia, who grew 3 New Teeth at Age 104.
The St. Petersburg Times"
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