Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This article reveals so much about what is wrong with our pornographic culture. Couples often form relationships based on physical attraction and sexual desire. Women present themselves as sexual objects and lure men in through the promise of fleshy charms. The men fall for it, the two get married, have kids, and soon discover that they really don't even like each other, but hell - it must be love because they have great sex together.

In the story below, we can see inklings of this cultural problem, based on cultural lies. Mom is jealous of her baby because her baby is receiving love and adoration from dad. Not knowing what else to do, mom dresses herself as a sexual object, dad responds with some lustful glances (and probably some sex) and mom thinks all is well -- that she is still dad's #1 gal.

What mom is missing here is the truth. Her husband is responding to the way she is dressed based on lust, not love. He is approaching her from a place of carnal pursuit. But carnal desire is not love. On the contrary, it is the antithesis of love.

So is it any surprise that mom feels jealous when her baby daughter receives AUTHENTIC love, while she herself only receives the fake kind -- i.e., the kind inspired by base carnal impulses?

"Romantic" love, in this case, means sexual "love." And authentic love -- as in the case of this dad relating to this baby -- is always more intimate and real.

Read closely the following paragraphs and you will see what I mean....
"..."Romantic love and parental love are overlapping systems," says Parrott, who has studied jealousy and envy for more than 25 years. "Both involve strong attachment and dependency. Infants in particular receive types of physical attention that overlaps with romantic interactions and for that reason are usually withdrawn later in childhood.

Makes sense. Ever watched parents with their little ones? There's an awful lot of cuddling, kissing and sickening lovey-dovey speak going on.

"No, it's not sexual," says Parrott. "But is it intimate? Certainly!"...

Of course, there's a lot to be grateful for in my situation -- not the least of which is that I have a delightful daughter who I've fallen head over heels in love with myself. But I'm one of the lucky ones who has a husband -- and a co-parent -- who wants to be involved.

If Daniel knocks me out of the way in his haste to empty the Diaper Genie, who am I to complain? If he encourages me to hang out with friends while he enjoys his special daughter time, then watch me put my coat on and head for the door!

And deep down I know I'm still his main girl. The look on his face when I recently debuted a shrink-wrap tight dress told me so..."

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