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"Description of your birth experience:

Confident and Motivated

How did you feel after the birth (first month)?
Joyful, sore, healed

What did you learn from this birth?
That there is nothing wrong with my body, and in fact, it is AMAZING!

Any words of wisdom to impart?
Don’t listen to doctors when they tell you that your baby will not fit through your pelvis…

Stacy’s Birth Story:
Good morning, and a glorious morning it is! I don’t even know where to begin… so i think a quick overview of my history is needed. Not only have I had 5 csections, but I have labored with my first 3, the first for 52 hours, my second for 70 hours (60 hours at home and almost 12 hours of pushing, pushed baby to a +2) and another HBA2C attempt that ended in a transfer and another csection. I had my 4th section only 11 months after the 3rd. My fifth was only 17 months ago.

My birthing history is an obstetric nightmare. But my faith and my creator laugh in the face of adversity. Haven Uri Soledad Hammond has his own destiny, that was not to be controlled by any man, or woman, including me. When I first discovered I was pregnant with the 6th time, after 5 perfect pregnancies and babies, but very unsettling births, I told my husband it was time. I knew I needed and was being called to have this baby at home, with just my husband and I. He was thrilled to hear I had made this decision, and we proceeded in our very serious preparations, that included a last trimester move away from family and other distractions, and out of the town of my last 4 csections. I cannot even begin to include so many details that make our story a miracle, and show God’s miraculous healing, but someday, maybe someday soon, I shall write that book. But to get more quickly to the birth story, and the gift at hand, I begin Saturday evening. About 11:30 pm I was having a bit of an emotional breakdown. I hadn’t gone into labor, was pretty much at my 41+ week (which is a normal gestation period for me, feeling huge and scared about my decision. I contemplated in my head about just going in and getting surgery. We decided to watch a movie (Bella) which was a wonderful movie. I felt very relaxed after that and felt my self slowly slip into labor as I drifted off to sleep. I woke and peed and labored all night with contractions I thought to be about 8-10 min apart. I woke the next day with strong contractions coming every 3-4 minutes. All day I labored in love and had a wonderful time. They were all VERY nice strong productive contractions (which I attribute my RRL.nettle.alfalfa.dandelion root tea every day all day). I was a little discouraged and tried to lay down around 3 pm to take a nap and was able to sleep as the contractions had moved to 20-30 minutes apart. I was now wondering if somehow I wasn’t in “real labor” eve though I had been losing TONS of show, and pooing all night and day. I got up and the contractions now 10-15 minutes apart. About 7pm I passed a clot of tissue/flesh looking stuff. I could tell it was not placenta, and really didn’t know what it was. It was small, but strange and came with some more blood than the show I was used to. I talked to my husband about it but didn’t really think to do much. But I was very upset about how slow my contractions were. I laid down about 8pm and slept again with contractions 30-40 minutes apart, but still VERY strong. I woke at 11:30 really emotional and talking about going to the hospital and getting cut open. I think I was more in labor land than I realized and was being very irrational. My husband was so wonderful and reassuring and told me to rest and get sleep and we would reassess in the morning.

Well about 15 minutes later the contractions were back to 5 minutes apart and now stronger than ever. I got into the shower, tried to relax but was forced to my knees with each contraction. I labored here for about a half and hour and then went to try and “lay down” again. Obviously I was in denial, because there was no fricking way I was laying down. I of course was now in transition and stayed here for about an hour and half. Contractions double and triple peaking, 1 minute apart tops, sometimes just seconds, so unbelievably strong. My legs began to cramp up, I was chugging water between the 2 second rests and sweating profusely. In my more conscious mind at the time, I told myself, there is no way out of this. The baby comes out or I die. At some point, after literally feeling myself dilate (as I had been a 4cm at 11:30 when my husband checked me) I was able to push. I pushed in what me and my husband have called a 20 minute pushing contraction. There was no break. Literally.

My water broke on the floor, and 15 minutes later, after 5 csections and a misshapen pelvis from hell, out come Haven Uri Soledad Hammond, 10#5oz, 22 1/2 inches long with a near 15 inch head, which did not cone in the very least. There was no molding, yet he came. I have a superficial tear on my labia, not even worthy of a stitch. He came out pink, breathing and sleeping. I rubbed his back and he woke looking around. He has a head full of dark hair, finally favoring mama after 4 toe head bald blondies. My heart’s desire and the Will of God reined down on us March 30, 2009 at 2am. I will have more later, but I am very much in awe.

Continuation of Birth Story:
(this is an email I wrote to a friend and didn’t want to retype it, so I am simply copying and pasting here)…

Transfer info…

So about 5 hours post birth, I was aware I had lost to much blood. I had done many a thing to correct it, but was very dizzy, and knew I needed to go. My husband and I and the baby were transferred after calling our friend to come and stay with the other kids. This was not ideal at the time, but I was elated at having achieved the most important part, as well as almost 5 hours of time with all the kids awake and sharing with the baby and weighing him etc.

I came home from the hospital last night, and am happy to be home. I am actually grateful for the transfer as it so reminded me of all the reasons I so desired to be home, and yet I received good care through most of it. I was also given the opportunity to deal with the medical world as well as CPS and although not pleasant at first turned to an apology from the Hospital Administrator (in person) and a visit from the CPS head admin (in person) assuring us that there was no investigation and as much of an apology as she could professionally muster. The doctor decided that I didn’t need the procedure (which I had already prayed about and decided I wasn’t getting), because she said I wasn’t bleeding anymore and everything seemed in order. She checked my “tear” which turned out to be a surface laceration running from beside my clitoris down just a little into the vagina, she said she could do a stitch or two, but I will let it heal on its own. anyway, so right before Forrest and i are going to check out, maybe an hour or so, this nurse (who was a God send by the way and was praising us for all our decisions and stood up for us on numerous occasions came in off duty on her way to some meeting). She told us that when the doctor had done the ultrasound in conjunction with trying to manually express the clots that what they saw was one small clot forming up top (which looked to be healing where the placenta would be, and another clot forming right around the left side of my scar). Of course the doctor never said anything about this. She said she assumes the clot they saw on the ultrasound was indeed a small clot that had formed after a small portion of my scar opened up and after the baby was born was able to close off. which of course is why the doctor did not want to attempt to “remove” it anymore, as it was keeping me from bleeding out.

Forrest and I feel this is what happened, as during labor we passed (about 7pm on Sunday) a piece of flesh tissue looking stuff and continued to bleed more than I thought normal. In addition, right after I passed that piece,my labor came to a near stand still for almost 4 hours, until it kicked into full force and he was here in less than 3 more hours including pushing. I think my body knew to get him out, and it did an awesome job of doing that. And was able to begin healing that spot. I think it continued to bleed until it could clot up better. There was also an obviously thinner “dip” in my scar on the left side that never closed all the way after my last surgery. Anyway, I tell you this because I feel it is not something to fear but something to proclaim about the power and intuition of the body. Something that reiterates my new found belief in UC, especially in UBAC as a wonderful option for women. This birth has already brought me so much healing, I cannot even process it all right now. I know it will continue to bring me a life’s worth of healing, and has already touched and affected so many people. I hope that Haven (which means safe place) Uri (which means light) Soledad (solitude) Hammond (meaning hamlet/home) From a safe place to the light and solitude of home, will be an inspiration to other birthing women."

Stacy's Story-- 10 Lbs., 5 Oz.-- Unassisted Birth After Five Cesareans

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